Aus Deutschland nach Italien für Ihren Urlaub?   Es ist jetzt noch einfacher mit Lufthansa. Es gibt tägliche Direktverbindungen Billigflüge mit Umsteigeverbindung von München nach Ancona Bellaugello Gay Guest House ist nur etwa eine Stunde mit dem Auto entfernt Um eine Reservierung vorzunehmen auf den Link zum Lufthansa auf meinem Blog Etwaige Fehler in der syntax – […]

Coming from the US to Italy for your vacation?  It has just got easier with Lufthansa who fly Monday thru Saturday to nearby Ancona Falconara Airport. Low air fare flights from New York, Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles and many more U.S. destinations fly to Ancona from which Bellaugello Gay Guest House is just over one […]

The tag-line for my blog runs something like ‘news updates and random rants from our gay B&B in Umbria’ and some of what I am writing about today has nothing whatsoever to do with the tag line, but I just need to get something off my chest. Yesterday was an ‘away day’ from Bellaugello.  A […]

I’ve been busy, really busy and today in an effort to catch up I open my blog to discover 929 spam comments.  Now normally I flick through the spam box just in case a valid post or comment is mis-directed, but with nine hundred and twenty nine there is no way I am going to […]

Yesterday on a trip to the neighbouring region of Le Marche the car thermometer registered 22˚, today here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, Italy, the sun is shining, and it is real hot I have finished the last batch of marmalade, cleaned the kitchen down and am heading outside to do some more […]

The neighbouring region of Le Marche is just over the hills behind Gubbio.  The west side of the region is bounded by the majesty of the Apennines and to the east, the Adriatic coast with a choice of resorts like Fano, Pesaro and Sirollo. Within an easy hour’s drive from Bellaugello you reach the beautiful […]