A photo says it all.  Doesn’t really require words, and in future my choice of words will be more carefully scrutinised before clicking the ‘Publish’ button! (thanks P for alerting me to that slip-up) What I would like to know is if I can put this photo on Facebook?  We are in disagreement over their […]

I am out cutting grass on the upper terraces and glance over to the decadent urns that grace my terrace and I really cannot decide if I have gone for the Ecological or Caribbean or Moldavian look this year! The garden is full of spring colour, so why shouldn’t the urns be green?

The photos just get more and more inventive! This time a guest from Belgium. If you look carefully you can see he is not doing what you thought he was..  Of course he can happily water my garden anytime here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House!

It’s raining, today in Umbria it is wet and misty, we are serving breakfast inside, and the guys are making plans for museum visits and long lunches…. I have spent the best part of 3/4 an hour trying to upload photos to Bellaugello Gay Guest House’s Facebook page (for those of you Facebook users who […]