The weather has been perfect, sunshine, hot sunshine, Bellaugello looking fabulous, the garden fragrant, bountiful lavender just about to burst into bloom, zucchini in the orto garily showing bright delicate flowers, as the bard said we have “bound up yon dangling apricots” and the roses are abundant and generously flowering. Hazy mist hangs lightly in […]

I am delighted to announce that Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria is now also being promoted by Italy Traveller

I have not long come in from a day of heavy gardening at Bellaugello Gay Guest House.  It has been a sunny, day, blue sky punctuated with big white clouds.  In the distance above 800 meters, snow swirls around, but long away, here is just cold, crisp and fresh, a great day for being outdoors […]

A stunning morning with the guys breakfasting outside on the terrace. Sunshine after the rain of the past few weeks means the gardens at Bellaugello Gay Guest House are verdant and lush Tonight the fireflies hover under a starry sky, tomorrow the weather is to get hotter, maybe even some Bellaugello Backs will be photographed.

A mass exodus from Bellaugello Gay guest house to the beautiful medieval city of Gubbio yesterday evening – the motive?  The guys wanted to experience the amazing and most atmospheric Good Friday procession of Christo Morto which I blogged about the other day.  This year the guys carried away by the atmosphere actually participated, and […]

Paul and his partner Otto have stayed at Bellaugello Gay Guest House on couple of occasions and on their last visit Paul spent many hours sketching and taking photographs at the side of the swimming pool. This is a reproduction of one of the pictures painted by Paul and enclosed with their ‘gelukkig nieuwjaar’ or happy […]