italia – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy

This morning I awoke early at Bellaugello Gay Guest House to glorious sunshine and a crisp coating of snow on the garden.  Although there has been snow on the summits of the Apennines for some time this was the first morning this year that there was a dusting of snow in the garden here at […]

A quick and painless flight on wednesday from our local airport of Perugia saw me zapping to Brussels to attend a workshop organised by ENIT the Italian tourist board The office of the region of Umbria is right in the heart of European Brussels and it was there with very generous hospitality that along with […]

The SUN continues to shine here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House.  Once again yesterday it was 28˚c almost hot enough to brave the infinity pool, and the autumn colours are becoming quite spectacular. Here is the Caci tree, one of the last fruits of the season just ripening now It is a time of tranquillity […]

Yesterday at Bellaugello Gay Guest House was a truly glorious day, hot sun and light breeze. I decided to profit from the fine weather and get stuck into the garden.  Off to the consorzio for a whole host of bedding plants to put in the various pots and troughs that adorn terraces and walls.  Joy […]

Seen busy at the breakfast table yesterday morning, guys here at Bellaugello Gay guest house studiously painting their eggs in preparation for the egg tossing at Pratale prior to the annual Easter lunch party Well the egg tossing is traditional and the work was minimal, but the enjoyment immense, thanks to our hosts for a […]

A mass exodus from Bellaugello Gay guest house to the beautiful medieval city of Gubbio yesterday evening – the motive?  The guys wanted to experience the amazing and most atmospheric Good Friday procession of Christo Morto which I blogged about the other day.  This year the guys carried away by the atmosphere actually participated, and […]

A sunny day and a request from guests saw me here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House preparing the bikes and packing a picnic in our smart picnic rucksack There are many wonderful quiet tracks and roads accessed directly from Bellaugello, and whether by bike or on foot with our handy picnic rucksack guys can spend […]

One of the delights of my life here in Umbria at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, rather surprisingly for those who know me well, are, early mornings.  I just love waking up and seeing misty rolling clouds hanging in the valley below.  To me it is like having slept on a magic carpet, or in the […]