Just occasionally I am sufficiently conscientious to study my hit count on the Bellaugello website.  Google and others give me a reasonable indication of how many people have looked at the site for Bellaugello Gay Guest House, where they come from, for how long they were on the site and which pages took their interest. […]

Last weekend the weather was really terrible.  however the rain was much needed and nobody with a large umbrella seemed to mind the soaking.  Today we are back to sunshine, the air is clean and refreshed and the autumn colours are just turning those honey golds so characteristic of Umbria.  Although not blogging I have […]

For some days now I have been steeling myself, depriving my readers of any blog posts, building up a climax in my mind, and all because I wanted to post a big word on my blog for Bellaugello Gay Guest House. By big I do not mean a big impressive word, actually I mean a […]

I have spent the past three days working at the computer.  Outside it has been sunny, cloudless blue skies, crisp but cold.  Recently first thing in the mornings there has been a slight coating of ice on the swimming pool, and parts of the garden where the sun does not hit remain frosted most of […]

And I thought my Italian was bad! At lunch yesterday near Orte in the south west of Umbria we were handed the menus: (Click on the image to see it larger) I wonder what the Pope has to say about the local pasta dish….  I guess they were using ‘Google Translate’ and no I did […]

My friends from Rome telephoned enroute.  They had fed the GPS co-ordinates for Bellaugello into their iPhone 3GS and followed the given directions. Why is it that satellite navigation systems have a very different way of navigating to the way we all think of navigating?  I well remember when I lived in Scotland taking the […]