Sharing news

I heard it first on the BBC then read it in several articles on the web.  The news that Welsh Rugby Union player Gareth Thomas has come out as being gay.

I was delighted to read the positive encouraging articles from all sections of the press.  It must have been a very difficult and brave decision for a leading sportsman, in such a ‘macho’ sport to come out.  I am proud of Mr Thomas.  I wanted to share some of the articles with you and went to the share buttons on the posts.

Unfortunately there is no button for sharing with WorldPress, the system I use for this blog on any of the British or American newsfeeds and blogs.  I can twitter, facebook, delicious, bleetbox, blogspot, bebo, clickaview, digg, floss, hackernews, reddit, and lots more but not world press.

If you are interested you can read an article on my facebook page or else read the article written in Italian I found and posted on my blog before this rant…

Anyway congratulations Gareth, I’m proud of you, and if you need a holiday you know that Bellaugello is the gay and heterofriendly place to stay in Umbria…

Building works – looking good

Not posted much recently about our steady building progress, here at our gay and heterofriendly guest house, so here is a picture of the ‘great wall of china’ and the dining terrace which is now laid, just waiting to be grouted.  I’m delighted with the way it has turned out.

Dining terrace and garden wall

Becoming official

I learnt recently that the licencing authorities here have finally approved Bellaugello gay and heterofriendly guest house b&b.

This is fantastic news for me as I can now go ahead and increase the marketing of my guest house.  I have been linking into other blogs and gay – friendly sites, but now can start proper marketing and advertising campaign.  Guys you can now put me on your work intranet sites with impunity

Blog hits

Ok so I am lazing around feeling low and trawling the internet.  I decided to do something positive and check my blog hits.

It seems I have many regular subscribers, thank you for your loyal following! But I discover that other sites particularly gay oriented blogs have significantly more followers.

I am left wondering just how to increase my hit count, after all my blog is not only for my pleasure, and to update contacts on the progress here at Bellaugello, but serves to market my gay and heterofriendly guest house in Umbria and drive clientelle to my website

Do I need to put raunchy pics, cover topics cogent to the gay community internationally, or simply ask you my readers to invite all your friends to subscribe to by blog and put the link on their intranet at work? I don’t want to become a ranting writer, but do require to increse hit count.

I dunno, but I feel I must do something.  Any cute guys out there want to share their thoughts or pics with me?

Swimming Pool – update

Final quotations are being collated and checked for our infinity swimming pool, the Commune is processing the documentation.  We will be working hard on the build through this coming winter to have the pool completed for early next spring.

After much work and pleading we have received the go ahead to treat the pool water with a salt system, thus erradicating the need for chlorine which will be produced naturally and make for a much nicer swim.

Work will be contained to the east side of the house by means of a specially built access point, and so not impinge on the house proper.

Of course I do not have a photograph of the pool at Bellaugello to post, but instead I am posting one of a similar 15 x 5 metre infinity pool.  This is what we are aiming to achieve at Bellaugello – only better!

Example of the kind of pool that will be at Bellaugello

Website – an update

The new copy in English has been posted to the website today – Check it out, there is updated information on many of the pages and of course our new refined mission statement


Festa!! Autumn has arrived!

Bronwyn writes it is raining in L.A. but it also rained here this week.  As I asked it rained overnight!  The garden is delighted and so am I.  The air is clear and crisp and the views spectacular.  The trees are turning their autumn colours, the hillsides of the Chiascio valley at Bellaugello are flecked with ambers, russets, golds and reds.

Friends are down south harvesting chestnuts.  It is the season of autumn harvest festivals, when every small town holds an outdoor festival or fair  to proudly show off (and sample) the year’s production. Specialities of Umbria include potatoes, lentils and chestnuts.  These autumn fairs are a wonderful chance to participate in real life here in Umbria as they maintain real traditions.  Many gaily decorated stalls line the narrow town streets, large pans cook stews and roast nuts, wine is warmed whilst music plays and people walk up and down meeting friends and commenting on the vast array of produce and crafts.

If you love tradition autumn is a special time to visit Umbria and reside at bellaugello heterofriendly guest house.