guesthouse – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy

Hey, I have no idea what either product is, all I know is that on checking my computer somebody calling himself Jack Spratt – a likely name methinks, kindly offered me inordinate quantities of these products by email this afternoon.  The joys of junk mail. Over the past few days I have once again been […]

A semi organized visit yesterday, in that the guys had sent an SMS, stating that they were planning to call in on their way back to Holland in the afternoon, but having sent the SMS to my fixed line it resulted in my not receiving the message and being horribly unprepared when they showed up […]

The tag-line for my blog runs something like ‘news updates and random rants from our gay B&B in Umbria’ and some of what I am writing about today has nothing whatsoever to do with the tag line, but I just need to get something off my chest. Yesterday was an ‘away day’ from Bellaugello.  A […]

The SUN continues to shine here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House.  Once again yesterday it was 28˚c almost hot enough to brave the infinity pool, and the autumn colours are becoming quite spectacular. Here is the Caci tree, one of the last fruits of the season just ripening now It is a time of tranquillity […]

Yesterday afternoon I bundled Milo my English Setter into the car and headed to Perugia for a visit to the vet.  As you guys who have stayed recently at Bellaugello Gay Guest House will know, Milo has two large cists.  These cists are not the first in his life, he has been operated on four […]

Yesterday here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House was another delightful sunny day, no excuse to do anything other than laze by the pool. Today looks set to be the same, there is already warmth in the sun.  The sky is an uninterrupted azure blue, mist hangs low in the valley, clinging to the hillsides  which […]

Having read my previous post on a visit to my friend Renza’s weaving studio the guys who actually visited having now returned home, kindly emailed me some fabulous photos they took of their visit which they have said I could share with you for which, thanks guys. I love the colours and tones of the […]