They don’t work weekends….

The telephone at Bellaugello Gay Guest House Hotel still does not work.  I have just called TelecomItalia ‘Customer Service’ my “service provider” and after waiting several minutes in a stacking system they tell me that the fault will not be looked at until Monday.

It seems Telecom Italia only works five days a week, or in the case of my telephone does not work at all, they have done nothing since the fault was reported two days ago.

The operator now tells me it is a ‘serious problem’ and an engineer will look at it on Monday.  What do they do with minor problems?  By then I will have been five days without my telephone.  The problem does not affect any of my neighbours, what are TelecomItalia doing with my telephone line? putting on a tap, selling it part-time to another customer, or just inefficient???

Doubtless all three…

Senza Telefono – No Telephone

C’è un guasto sul il mio telefono fisso.  TelecomItalia vogliono due giorni per controllare il guasto, quindi sono senza telefono a Bellaugello Gay Guest House Hotel…….  Che Servizio!!

The telephone line here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria went dead last night.  I only discovered it this morning when my architect tried to call me, finally getting through on the mobile.

I had a chum call TelecomItalia – the telephone service who are responsible for providing my telephone.  He called me back on the mobile – TelecomItalia can see there is a fault, but don’t know what is causing it……

They want TWO DAYS to look into the fault……… and that’s before they do a repair. Just what century are we living in??? how can I run a Guest House / Hotel with such a delinquent telephone service?

È per quelli da voi che segue il mio blog, Grazie a TIM io ancora non dispongo di un iPhone 4, sono in attesa per un iPhone 4 solo cinque mese!!

And By the way for those of you following my blog, I still do not have an iPhone 4…… TIM the mobile arm of TelecomItalia still do not have any available, and I do not have time to sit in one of their shops on the off chance one is delivered, and NO I cannot reserve on.  Now that is five months I have been waiting, yet they advertise them on tv constantly, communications huh!!

Mi arrendo, vado a chiedere al mio vicino di casa per qualche vettore piccioni molto più eco-friendly e attraente!

I give up, I’m off to ask my neighbour for some carrier pigeons far more eco-friendly and attractive!!