Getting ready for the race

Sunshine, comfort, a swimming pool crystal clear and waiting….  Bellaugello is waiting peacefully for next week and the “Festa dei Ceri” the traditional “Race of the Candles” held in our local town of Gubbio every 15 May

The flag of S Ubaldo the patron saint of Gubbio hanging in the gardens at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, Umbria, Italy

We are ready, are you?  There are still some suites available for next week, come join in the fun.  Grab a flight to our local airport of Perugia S Francesco di Assisi which are are aplenty.  Quote “ceri 2015” for a 10% discount on a stay that includes 15 May 2015.  Email us at:

A new look about to launch


Bellaugello Gay Country House, near Florence and Rome, Tuscany, Italy, Europe, luxury gay resort and villa #GayResortBellaugelloBellaugello the new logo #BellaugelloBellaugello Gay Country House, Umbria, Italy.  the new logo #Gay

Sitting at my kitchen window watching the light rain fall to the Chiascio valley below, the surrounding hills lightly covered in mist, a quiet, still and somewhat magical day here in Umbria I have a great announcement to make;

After several months of work all is almost ready and the New Bellaugello Gay Country House website is about to be launched.

I have put a great deal of time and thought into the new website which will launch in the next few days, in three languages, English, Italian and Dutch.  We are going through the final checks and controls, doing last minute fine tuning ready to go live.

In the new site you will find greater descriptions, large format photographs and a completely new feel, giving a greater insight to Bellaugello.  The website is also responsive to both tablet and mobile, yes, we have finally caught up with technology.   The designers and I chose new colours and a new logo which feature elements intrinsic to Bellaugello,  they have stayed here so know what Bellaugello is all about.

This is one of my last posts on the current ‘old look’ blog, for my jottings are also being transferred to the new style.  Don’t worry the blog archive will still be available to view, I cannot loose almost six years and over one thousand posts of my blogging but like the website the new blog will be easier on the eye.

Keep checking back and please do let me know what you think to the new website and blog.


Introducing “M”

Saturday, picture day…

Times have been busy here at Bellaugello Gay Country House, but today we finally managed to stop and with the assistance of a table to balance the camera and the auto-timer we finally managed to take our picture…


I’m not one for posting personal items on my blog, but this is important, because this year, and for future years to come guests will be welcomed to Bellaugello Luxury Gay B&B not only by me but also by Michael, my partner.

I am looking forward to welcoming back many returning guests, and introducing them to Michael, and together we are looking forward to welcoming so many first time guests already booked this year.  So don’t hesitate and book whilst there are still Suites available!!


We have been experiencing problems from out Internet Service Supplier.  As a result many of our emails are not getting through to potential guests.

If YOU have sent an email to Bellaugello and have not yet received a reply please can you re-send and let me know, I will send you the original reply by my private email address.

Here is the latest mail to me from my internet service agent for Hostgator


As one of our clients that is hosted on our dedicated server, you will be aware that there have, for the past few days, been issues with sending emails from your domain account through to Microsoft owned accounts (hotmail etc.).
It seems that Microsoft are starting to take a much stricter line with regard to spam, and after much chasing and ranting on my part, Hostgator (our server company) have finally come back to me just now to confirm that this current e-mail block is related to a far reaching response by Microsoft to block IP’s that are sending spam into their network.
The slowness of the response by Hostgator was a factor of the high number of other domains and customers effected by this action and the fact that Microsoft are not issuing any information to any of the ISP’s, but just blocking as they go.
The last recent block was, as you know was caused by spam being sent directly from a client account to other email accounts. This was swiftly dealt with.
This current Black list has been caused by e-mail account forwarders that are set up on our server, forwarding e-mails to hotmail accounts. These have been sending all e-mails through to the destination hotmail accounts, including spam. With the tightened Microsoft stance, this has resulted in our server IP (along with many others) being black listed by Microsoft. 
Now we know the cause we can take action to resolve this and get the IP delisted.
I appreciate the inconvenience this is causing you and can only apologise. Currently I cannot give you an accurate time frame for when the server will be cleared and e-mails will behave normally. As soon as I know more I will be in touch. If you have any urgent e-mails that need to get through, please use an alternative e-mail account to send the message.
The issue is out with my hands, and also includes .mac addresses, I am real sorry

Good morning Umbria

It’s going to be another beautiful day here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in sunny Umbria Italy. The must is slowly rising and leaving the valley, it is already hot, birdsong punctuates the still morning air.

A fabulous convivial evening yesterday, we all chatted until late, this morning I was the only one up with the lark and a camera!
Guests here all have fabulous cameras and have been taking loads of wonderful photos including the first of a new set for a variation on the “Bellaugello Backs” series, but to see them and to be included in the new series you will have to visit. They will only be displayed at Bellaugello 😉

The right of choice

Scanning the news tonight I came across this article on the BBC website:  Gay couple say London hotel denied them double room – report by the BBC  do check the link out. I was more than a little shocked that this happens in today’s Britain.

It goes some way to explaining the policy here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House. here goes my convoluted mind again!

I am frequently asked ‘if Bellaugello is exclusively gay ?’

In the concept of establishing a ‘gay guest house’ one obviously thinks of goals and target market,  and just how to place the business in the marketplace.  There is also the nagging question of why is a gay guest house likely to appeal to the market and in consequence be a success and how to maximise on that and make it so.

As a gay guy, I for one, like the concept of being able to be on holiday in a relaxing place where I do not have to consider every unconscious gesture, every action, I can quite simply be me.  Stupid little things come to mind, the sharing of a desert, one spoon not two, the quick peck on a cheek of the guy you love, the reply to a question with ‘sure darling’, the casual brush of a hand over a shoulder, the instinctive reaction to a partner or loved one, and to be able to apply suncream without  disdainful sideways glances.  These are all things that heterosexuals can and do do freely without impediment, but because of society many gay guys are unable to do.  The aim of Bellaugello is to provide a place where guys can feel relaxed and be themselves in the company of other gay guys, and that is what we do.  We have a growing core of repeat customers, utterly delightful guys, many have whilst staying here, met other couples from all over the world and remain in touch, new friendships are formed, that is a real reward to me an added bonus of the business.

So what is my policy to straights?  I am real saddened to read of hotels still declining gay guys a double room, I myself have in the past been on the receiving end of an unwelcoming hotel receptionist who questioned my booking of a double room, it made me feel very uncomfortable, wishing the floor would swallow me up, I hate embarrassment, but why should I have been embarrassed?  No real reason, I am the way I was made, my sexuality is not my choice, but thoughtless hotel receptionists can intentionally or not, make one feel very second class.

The Bellaugello website is quite specific on the subject, deliberately so and I quote “Our vision is focused on the gay community. Our home is a free and tolerant environment, where diversity and respect are valued. At Bellaugello you will find peace and tranquility, a place where you can instinctively be yourself, a place to relax and recharge, a place to let your cares wash away…. Bellaugello is neither ‘gay friendly’ nor ‘hetero friendly’ rather Bellaugello, our home, is open to all respectful of the fact it is a gay guest house, and which we are delighted to share with you and your friends.”

Us gay guys have fought long and hard for acceptance by mainstream society, we are looking for equality in every sense of the word, justifiably so, and to me it would be hypocritical of me to close the doors of my business to all but gays.

As a gay guy running a gay guest house I am not prepared to let my business fall into the reverse trap of being the non-straight accepting hotel or bed and breakfast.   99% of our customers are gay guys, actually last year 100% were!  that is our target market, those are the clientele we aim for, but that does not mean that if a ‘straight’ couple or person wished to stay they would be refused, they would not, afterall even gay guys have straight friends and straight people have gay friends!

Whilst not actively courting ‘straight’ business, I reaffirm that have no desire to be the gay equivalent of the hotels that give gay guys such a hard time and to give straights a hard time…  “Are you sure you really want a double bed, I honestly think two singles would be better, it is against my beliefs for a man and a woman to share a bed“.  If a straight wishes to stay here they are welcome to, from our advertising and website they should know what they are coming to and so be comfortable with it.  Our publicity is targeted at the gay guy market, all our literature, advertising and promotion the same, we hide nothing, no secret agenda, our neighbours and the local townsfolk know what Bellaugello is about, which is certainly not a ghetto.

Post reviewed and part previously omitted because of internet connection outage when posting now reinstated. 28 Feb 2013 – Thanks Michael for drawing my attention to that!


CAUGHT…. if only on camera!

One by one then two by two over this winter they have steadily been disappearing, and whilst I have suspected who the culprit was until today I had no proof but now..

Caught at last, alas only on camera the Istrice that has steadily been devouring all of my iris bulbs in the garden at Bellaugello Gay Guest House.The Istrice, the culprit who has eaten all the Iris bulbs at Bellaugello Gay guest House Umbria, near Florence and Rome, Italy

Three years ago as part of the initial scheme of the garden I planted several clumps of iris bulbs.  Now I adore irises, I grew them in my garden in Scotland and was thrilled to see they thrive here in Umbria, except of course when they are fodder for wild beasts.  Usually if the corms get a chance to mature for three years then they are safe, but it seems not in this case, for although there was a wonderful display and the irises had clumped up well, thanks to the rapacious Istrice there are now none.  The iris walk I planted was blues and purples, I wanted to expand the colours to yellows, chocolate browns, maroons, lavender and multi-coloured ones, but had only got the catalogues out when the existing plants began disappearing.  Luckily I have made contact with a keen gardener in Perugia who will be thinning out her iris bed and has offered the excess corms to me as a gift.  It is back to the beginning again, small plants and no flowers, and a fence, but in the future there will be irises in the garden at Bellaugello.

DSCN3486There is a story of an ancient farmer’s wife here in the valley who was troubled by the Istrice eating her crop of potatoes.  One day, and unaware of the situation a neighbour called in to enquire as to whether the farmer’s wife was happy with the yield and flavour of her potato crop to be told that she had no idea just how the potatoes tasted or how many kilos the seed potatoes yielded as they had all been eaten by the porcupine.  However she then went on to say that spit roasted potato fed porcupine was rather a delicate and flavorsome meat!

Don’t worry I have no intention of trying out iris fed porcupine!



A quick and painless flight on wednesday from our local airport of Perugia saw me zapping to Brussels to attend a workshop organised by ENIT the Italian tourist board
The office of the region of Umbria is right in the heart of European Brussels and it was there with very generous hospitality that along with other operators from the region of Umbria I met with several buyers, and have done some very worthwhile business.

Now I am off to the large Brussels Expo centre for the holiday fair to do some follow up work.

And then a day of relax, tonight is La Demence (how ironic the evening is themed find a partner!) and I think I might just have to go! Tomorrow in downtown Brussels a bit of retail therapy, I have seen some wonderful things I would like for the suites at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, so I will see if the stores will ship.