So good

This past week Bellaugello Gay Country House has been graced with the presence of Theodore who has been busy helping out whilst soaking up the hot Umbrian sunshine.

Theodore at the infinity pool at Bellaugello Gay Country House in Umbria, Italy, #Bellaugello

Theodore is a very experienced and fully qualified yoga teacher and masseur, and it has been a delight to have him here at Bellaugello, we are getting such great guys here in 2015!

Beginning to get it all back

Wow! technological problems have abounded.  I am SO tired of technological problems, I know that my emails are not getting through or being received, and for this I apologise, it is not as if I do not want to reply, I am simply not able to. Luckily I have great people with infinite expertise and patience helping me, some in Spain and one right here, and it seems that we are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Anyway onto nice things, and that is Bellaugello Gay Country House which is looking absolutely splendid as a wee tour round the garden with my camera this morning shows:

Bellaugello the lower terrace Bellaugello the pool and upper terraces leading into infinity Bellaugello the steps drenched in spring colour Bellaugello the giardino terrace and lower lawn Bellaugello down the garden path Bellaugello the terrace in the sun colour in ghe garden at BellugelloCome and see for yourselves, the weather forecast is great and we have some suites still available.  Contact me on Facebook or through my blog.


Summer dining, spring planting

This morning I am off to the weekly market in our local town of Gubbio, it is still artichoke and orange time, they are abundant, and so good, but I am heading by way of the consorzio, the local farmers’ store for potatoes and then straight on to the stall run by the guy from Assisi who grows and sells the most amazing young vegetable and salad plants, and so we will start planting beans, salad leaves and potatoes in our vegetable garden here at Bellaugello.

This afternoon I am spending with a fellow hotelier discussing menus and looking at new recipes.  I am so looking forward to the summer at Bellaugello Gay Country House and our dinners served at our long table on the south facing terrace

Table at Bellaugello Gay Country House

And now a Brazilian Bellaugello Back

It took a bit of persuading but in the end under the hot Umbrian sun at Bellaugello Gay Hotel my nagging paid off and one of our guests from Brasil jumped into the infinity pool and happily participated in my Bellaugello Backs series. bravo!

He even agreed to a front!

Refreshingly beautiful!

Auguri Sposi

The sun shone, and as the newly wed couple stepped out of the council chamber in our local historic town of Gubbio and into the Piazza Grande the crowds applauded.  It was a simple but beautiful ceremony, the bride looking delicate as a porcelain doll, the groom suave and elegant, and their young daughter one of the angelically pretty bridesmaids, as against the backdrop of the medieval city and an azure sky cameras flashed and photographs were taken.

A lavish reception was held in a local villa resplendent in crumbling grandeur.  Battered old masters reminiscent of Caravaggios lined the walls, antique tomes filled the shelves, and gargoyles looked down on the proceedings in gardens filled with overgrown cascading roses, heady scents, and magnificent trees, prosecco flowed liberally.  The band played tarantellas all night and we danced until the “wee sma’ ours”

A lovely time to spend with friends made here in Umbria who are seen in the photo below taken at the reception, no thanks to Apple iPhone for the diamond eyes!

Umbrian guests at the weddingLast week I quietly celebrated six years of my moving here to Umbria, I have reflected on how my life has changed, how fortunate I am to have chosen such a beautiful place to live, to have met such wonderful, kind and helpful people, so many of whom have become real friends, on how lucky I am to be running Bellaugello Gay Guest House, to host and meet such interesting guys and help them enjoy the Umbrian experience.

Of all the places in the world I have been, here is the best, it is home, and now as my good friends Sarah and Salvatore enter married life and continue to run their gorgeous b&b their roots are more firmly fixed to the Umbrian soil, we are indeed fortunate.

On slopes

For those of you who have been to Bellaugello Gay Guest House you will already be aware that the house sits on a south facing hillside, a slope, commanding big views over the Chiascio valley and down the Apennines towards the neighbouring region of Abruzzo.  The position is, in my humble opinion (and the opinion of many guests) utterly magical.

One of the delights of buying a house on a hillside is the possibility to create a terraced garden, lots of different levels, plants that creep from one to the other blurring the terraces and spreading wonderous mixtures of fragrances and colours.  The other bonus was to be that living and working here with all the climbing up and down stairs every day I would have an amazing butt.  After five years here the garden is wonderful, but the butt is not!

Recently we have been having a spell of unseasonally warm indeed hot weather, it had been glorious, guys soaking up the sun buy the infinity pool, the garden bursting into colour, the greens are intense, generous and bright.  Interspersed with the sunshine has been rain, light rain mostly at night, until yesterday….

The rain started at midday, and steadily became more and more intense, until at ten o’clock last night it was a deluge.  By midnight I was outside clearing land drains, at one o’clock the drain at the car park entrance was taking all the water from the public road, to the extent that it could not cope, water was running down the drive, the car park, and into my porch.  Soaked to the skin I went to inspect all around the house, it was not cold just extremely wet.  To my horror the ground behind the swimming pool was a lake of mud, the public road drains were not working and water was cascading down from the road down the slopes behind the pool.  Fortunately in our building project we had put a land drain behind the swimming pool, so the dirty water did not reach into the pool, not even over the paving, for the builders were wise and had incorporated a slope facing away from the pool back into the hillside.

This morning life was hectic, putting the drive back where the drive belongs, mopping up in doorways and brushing down terraces, up and down the slope, the last trickles of water still coming from the road above the house, shame the commune do not maintain the roads and their drains where not blocked all slope the wrong way, water carries everything down the slopes and it is up to me to carry it back up the slopes, such is life!

This evening as I sit for the first time today, scribbling at my computer in my kitchen window I look out over lush green fields and oak woodlands, each dappled with bright sunshine, glinting windows lit up by the sun on the distant houses across the valley, big cumulo-nimbus clouds puffing their chests out over the azure sky, peace has returned, the birds are singing once again.  There is more rain forecast but hopefully not another deluge, and yes, the iphone says sunshine tomorrow!

Sunny Saturday At Bellaugello Gay Guest House

TulipsA glorious morning, blue skies, big fleecy clouds, and so much colour in the garden here at Bellaugello Gay bed and breakfast.

Temperatures still rising we are up to 22˚c today and I need to get round to dusting down the pool loungers…. Looks like summer is going to be a hot one again!