Busy in the garden

Warm sun yesterday found me once again in the garden.  A second cut of the lawns, a thorough clean of the swimming pool, no, the pool is not open, the water is far too cold, however I spent a delicious hour sweeping the pool with the sun on my back.  Pushing the brush back and forth, the crystalline waters sparkling, it was tempting to strip off and take a plunge, but the water temperature said nohowever with the sun forecast to continue we might get into the pool in time for Easter!

plum tree in flower at Bellaugello gay resort travelThe fruit trees, plums, apricots, apples and the almond trees are in full bloom, hyacinths planted deep in the soil in the pots have burst forth, their blue fragrant blooms bursting up to the sunlight, daffodils – those not yet eaten by the Istrice are swaying in the gentle breeze.  Wild flowers abound, the garden offering so much, and making a heavy day of maintenance thoroughly enjoyable.