Perugia Airport NEW Flights!

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 09.45.41From Lufthansa great news! Starting 10th. May they will be offering direct flights from MUNICH to our regional base, of Perugia – San Francesco Assisi Airport, which is only 45 minutes drive from us and so convenient for Bellaugello Gay Guest House.  Flights will be on Tuesday Thursday and Friday.  The flight times varies slightly on the Lufthansa website and seem to begin sooner, so I enclose a link to their news page: Lufthansa – Flüge – München – Perugia

Further expansion of our local airport means that Ryanair have new route to Brindisi starting 29th. March thus a two centre holiday of Umbria and Puglia will be easier for you guys, no need to drive all the way south and back.

And there are still the connections to Barcelona El Prat and Barcelona Girona, so for those of you seeking peace and quiet after partying hard at Sitges, travel to Bellaugello has never been easier.

Here is the link to the San Francesco Assisi Airport website:

After the rains

All is crisp and clear, the real beauty of Umbria seen from the terrace of Bellaugello Gay Guest House

And we still have a few available suites for some nights in September, call for details or leave a message on my blog

Soon it is chestnut and truffle time plenty of goodies to be had…

Magical and misty

The garden is happy, rain today! It is one of those magical misty mornings that Umbria does so well

Gentle rain, refreshing, cleansing

And an excellent day for scrumptious hot freshly cooked pancakes for breakfast!

As has been said “every cloud has a silver lining”

Marmellata – vacanza – il tempo di staccare la corrente

The guys at Bellaugello Gay Guest House have been busy relaxing, a paradox or what? Gay holidays do not only have to be centred on our infinity pool soaking up the sun and admiring other guys’ physiques. Nor do they have to be holidays reading books interspersed with sleep or partying, or eating, nor necessarily visiting museums and looking at glorious pictures and homo-erotic frescoes, nor climbing hills and trekking kilometres, or walking leisurely down to the soft flowing river Chiascio below the house for a skinny-dip, activity or relax, there are always a multitude of things to do, and I am intrigued by just how inventive and creative some of my guests are when on holiday here in sun kissed Umbria
One couple of guests have been out combing the country lanes and byways collecting wild fruits and sitting in the terrace of their suite here at Bellaugello, cleaning and picking over the fruit, borrowing our equipment from the kitchen and then in their kitchen in their suite boiling and bottling, making an amazing array of jams.

All credit to M & E e anche grazie a voi per la foto dal Vostro lavoro xox


I awoke early and looked out of the bedroom window to discover one of my guests here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House busy with the pole and net cleaning the pool. On further inspection I discovered the pool to be full of naked guys taking an early morning dip…

and did you really think I would post those pictures?

So excited!

Our latest arrival…
The first in a series of specially commissioned chairs all with a “Bellaugello Back’s” theme.



Claire’s Chairs has done us at Bellaugello Gay Guest House proud. Come join us this summer, have a dip in our glorious infinity pool and you too could have your own personalised set of dining chairs, a hot reminder of your stay here in the Umbrian countryside


Look dad what I have just done all by myself!

Abbandonato shows off the new driveway at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, Italy. Huge thanks to the builders for a splendid job.
just to prove he was helping Abbandonato did leave his paw prints in the wet cement

We are getting a new addition to the family…

Bellaugello Gay Guest House is getting a new member of the family.
His name is Ziggy and he will be here before Easter. He is young he is cute and he is looking forward to sharing my life here in Umbria.

I admit to liking younger men but no! I have not found a husband 🙁 applications still invited….

Ziggy is an English Setter. He is two and a half years old and has been looking for a home for sometime. I have learnt that offering to take on a rescue dog is more difficult than getting married. No simple “I do” and “he does” the process is long and drawn out and involves filling in countless forms, and a home visit to check out whether or not I am a suitable dad.

So, finally I have passed all the examinations and all that remains is for me to get to Rome and bring the young lad home!
With a face as cute as this although we have not met, it’s just gotta be good for both of us… how could I possibly refuse?


Have a seat

It is not very often that I come across stupendously inventive people, let alone publicise them on my blog, however there has to be an exception to the rule and my friend Claire is certainly that.

Do you have a restaurant to furnish? A kitchen table at needs chairs? Are you a collector of delightful things? Do you like to live a sustainable lifestyle? Do you think recycling is good? Fancy something original for your bedroom? If so these are for you…





Claire’s chairs, is based in London and now trending in restaurants across the city. Claire finds old unloved chairs and carefully and cleverly using original artwork refurbishes them. She will happily accept commissions, and when over here in Umbria this summer will be making a few “Bellaugello Backs” chairs – it could be your photo in the Bellaugello infinity pool, you just have to be here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in glorious Umbria, Italy – Give your boyfriend the real must have souvenir!

Three men…a threesome…they came…

Early morning news from Bellaugello Gay Guest House… No, not what you think, well I don’t think so, but, a neighbour reported three men were spotted this morning filling holes in Valdichiascio. I am shocked.