Another day begins in Umbria with glorious sunshine and a cloudless blue sky over Bellaugello Gay Guest House the Chiascio valley is bathed in the remnants of early morning frost, pale blue mist and smoky steel blue haze from neighbours burning leaves hang languidly over the deep blue of the still river. Indoors, I’m busy […]

Sorry I have been off the airwaves of late but the past few days have been event filled, some bad news, and very much good news and something incredibly special to celebrate, lots to write about and indeed I will write about them and ‘spill the beans’ shortly…. ┬áIn the meantime I want to wish […]

The newspapers, internet reports, radio and television are all blaring full of the crisis facing the Euro and the deepening European financial catastrophe, but somehow this morning here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House it all seems a long long way away. The view from my kitchen window is of peace and serenity, mist hangs over […]