Men in tights

If you are a guy who likes men in tights then you need to get your ticket booked to Umbria to be here for Saturday 25th. April.   Fly into our local airport of Perugia S Francesco di Assisi, we now have regular flights from Rome, Munich, Barcelona and London, book into Bellaugello Gay Country House where you will find luxurious suites, a huge garden and perfect peace in a beautiful setting and on the Saturday morning head to our local medieval town of Gubbio where in the spectacular setting of the elevated Piazza Grande there will be an exhibition of flag throwing as the huge bell in the campanile of the Palazzo dei Consoli is tolled by hand, or rather foot by a team the only membership being passed from father to son.

Gubbio, the most beautiful of medieval towns, Umbria, Italy #Bellaugello #Gay

Flags galore, Piazza Grande Gubbio, Umbria, Italy #Bellaugello

F;lag throwing in Gubbio, Umbria, #BellaugelloFlag throwing in Gubbio, Umbria, Italy, #BellaugelloFor whom the bell tolls, Gubbio, Umbria, Italy #BellaugelloSbandiere a Gubbio, Umbria, #Bellaugello

It is a truly magnificent event and a great taste of the delights to be found in this deliciously unspoilt corner of Europe and Bellaugello is the place to base your stay.

A birthday hug

Happy birthday ” A ”
And where better to celebrate your partner’s birthday than by bringing him on holiday to Italy and staying in one of our luxury suites at Bellaugello Gay Guest House
and of course in our infinity pool!



Sadly I did not have my camera with me this morning, but the afternoon shot is super too…

Bellaugello Gay Hiking Week, Umbria, Italy

Excuses for the time taken to post, blog wise, I have of late had a lethargic period, and of course when I finally set too to post the report, the server for my blog decided once again to collapse and I have been left without blog, website or email for most of today, however I must excuse my tardiness, and especially extend apologies to Alex who participated in the Gay Hiking Week we organised which involved some spectacular walks in the neighbouring Monte Cucco Regional Park and on the trails in our own Valdichiascio and on the hills above our nearby town of Gubbio all based at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, in the glorious heart of Umbria. Alex kindly sent me copies of his photographs and the accompanying report on the week.
Day One was overcast so a change of plan from the original itinerary was called for and the decision was made to head for the nearby town of Gubbio where we witnessed the Ceri or Candles being brought down off the hill of Monte Ingenio and taken to the town hall ready for the annual “Festa dei Ceri” on 15th May.
20140519-113944.jpg20140519-113957.jpg. We then took the cableway to the summit of Monte Ingenio and together with Mirko our guide for the week, enjoyed a couple of hours exploring the trails and meadows that overlook the medieval town, this time of year ablaze with wild orchids.20140519-114146.jpg
Day Two saw us off into the Regional gPark and an energetic ascent of 500 metres starting from Pascelupo through spectacular scenery, aided by Bellaugello’s handsome packed lunches and once again ably guided by Mirko, our professional and knowledgable guide.


20140519-190605.jpg as you can see the weather was perfect.

Day three and we were walking through Pian delle macinare , Rio Freddo. 11 km along amazing water cascades up and down hill. Hills full of wild garlic in blossom. Stopped at a forgotten village (val de ranco) for a lunch break. Great dinner back at Bellaugello created by Alec and Monica.



Day four and we are at the top! On top of Monte Cucco and visit one of the most stunning caves (grotto monte cucco) in Europe. It is locked, you can only enter with a guide. Thanks to Mirko we spend 2 exiting hours inside of the mountain top.



Day five was spent exploring the delights of the valley in front of Bellaugello. 13 km around castello biscina and lago de valfabbrica in the morning. We have found a few rare orchids at the lake. After the delicious lunch we spend the afternoon at the infinity pool at Bellaugello in bright sun shine looking over to where we had been walking that morning



Day six 8 km around Monte Pratiozzo. Amazing walk along the crest between a few mountain tops. Great view to Ancona and coast line. The snow covered mountain of Sibilino are beautiful, where is Heidi ? Farewell Dinner in the evening at the house.



Many thanks to Alex for his report on our first Gay Hiking Week and as guest editor of my blog

if Alex’s report and photographs have wetted your appetite and you would like further information on future Gay Hiking Holidays based at Bellaugello then do send me an email: .

Peace and tranquillity… a place to sleep and let your troubles fade away

A glorious afternoon here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria finds Edo one of my English Setters lying on the west lawn in the dappled shade cast by one of the great cherry trees

It has been another great balmy day, big fluffy clouds slowly wafting by and revealing acres of brilliant azure blue skies.  Indeed it has been a hot day, a pool day, a suntan day.  Here we have planned the garden to provide shady lawns, and of course lots of delicious fragrant lavender which is just beginning to come into bloom, a chance to escape the heat and doze…

And the bedding plants seen from the bathroom window of the Suite Degli Specchi are now beginning to overflow their pots and trail through the railings to the lower terrace below, colour fills the garden, roses are now budding anew for their second flowering

And after a lazy summer day what more could you want than to know the prosecco is on it’s way………

being spoilt, that’s Bellaugello….