Missing the obvious

Really weird this evening.  Opening my emails I receive a newsletter from an America Gay lodging website where I have an advert.  The first thing that pops up is an advert for a tour company whose website has the following drivel and I quote direct from their website:

If you are gay and are planning a trip to Italy, how can you find the best places, enjoy an Italian adventure, and still be safe? This is why We started this company, “XXXXX”, back in 2012.  But We also wanted to create a full LGBT tour operator that would offer private tours for gay and lesbian travelers and couples, with a welcoming and pleasant travel environment. This is how “XXXXX” was created.  All the hotels, restaurants, guides and transportation companies we use are gay-friendly. We’re also members of IGLTA – the International Gay and Lebian, Tourism Association.  (what I ask myself is a ‘lebian’? and as to the grammar…well huh, and the further into their site the worse it gets!)

Oh really I ask myself how are such businesses contrived?

Delving deeper into their website I notice that they organise trips thorough Umbria, nice… Or is it, ‘cos they have not contacted me at Bellaugello Gay Guest House – the only Gay lodgings in Umbria, indeed one of the few proudly gay establishments in Italy, instead they are lodging at those places that call themselves ‘gay friendly’ – to me profiteers of the pink pound/euro, and at best to be avoided, and anyway under European rules is every place not required to be ‘gay friendly’?

For those of you in search of quality lodgings in a truly gay environment in the glorious Umbrian countryside Bellaugello Gay Guest House is THE only place to book 🙂