Come fly with us….

It is so great having a neighbour who not only builds microlites, but is a qualified pilot and instructor and also a great photographer and real good friend. Why not treat yourself or your partner or husband to a flight or book a course of lessons to gain your pilot’s licence staying here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria…..

For further information about staying at Bellaugello and Polaris and their microlites and flying with Polaris Motors email me: or contact them direct:

Eheh! What a call

Just dozing off last night when the phone rang….

Pronto Bellaugello

An Italian voice – female;  “Hi I’m calling from an hotel in Città di Castello.  Senti, is it right that I am calling Bellaugello Gay Guest House?” Yes”  “Can you help me?  I have a friend – a client – a guest, he is gay and is lonely can you find someone to keep him company tonight?”

“Mi Scusi, but can you repeat that?!

“I have a friend a man who is gay and is looking for sex/company tonight and he has asked me to help him find someone, so I thought of you, you have a business for gay men and so therefore you can provide me with somebody.”

“I beg your pardon, did you day what I thought you said? Are you asking me to pimp somebody?” – incredulous is hardly the word….

And with that and a few excuses on the caller’s part we ended the call.  This morning at Breakfast  I related the story to the guys.  A wonderful comment from one or two of them, ‘you should have said yes, made him come over here, woken us all……!’

Reflecting later I just wondered what the owner of a prestigious five star hotel would say if I telephoned him to ask if he could procure somebody’s wife for one of my clients…..