It is simply a stunning opening to the season here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House. It has been a long slog to get the garden tidy, I between heavy rain showers and high winds, but all turned good in time for our first guests. There is real warmth in the sun, and the spring bulbs […]

We are looking for an enthusiastic professional guy to join our team this summer at Bellaugello Gay Guest House You will have trained or worked or are working in the hospitality sector, be people orientated, open, and have a positive flexible attitude to life and to work duties. Tasks include serving breakfasts and dinners, pool […]

The sun has returned, and it is warm here in Umbria.  This morning I awoke at Bellaugello Gay Guest House and really surprisingly there was frost on the ground, the first frost of this winter.  Why oh why does it have to be frosty the morning after I cut and fertilised the lawns?  Last week […]

The clouds hanging low over the Apennines lifted slowly this lunchtime to reveal a dusting of snow So to celebrate here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House I broke out the box of “Lindor Diva” champagne chocolate truffles, they too being dusted, not with snow but gold powder Four exquisite flavours laden with alcohol and lightly […]

So I thought I would cheer you all up with a couple of nice sunny summer pictures of the infinity swimming pool here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House 🙂

Take 1kg raisins, 500g sultanas, 500g glacé cherries, 500g dried apricots, 300g dates, 330g prunes, add the jar of pungent fragrant dried figs that I did last year. Chop and put in a large bowl. Pour over liberal quantities of Brandy, Rum, Creme di Cassis, and Marsala. Mix well Marinade for three days Bellaugello Christmas […]

Rain started last night and it has continued all day. It is real blustery, determined and wet. The wind is strong, the internet signal fades and goes then returns as does my enthusiasm for work. I have spent the day clearing drains, mopping, emptying the over-full swimming pool and generally fighting the floods, there is […]