At last…

After years of waiting patiently the pink wisteria which I planted alongside the violet one has decided to flower generously, and both are in bloom at the same time, a real delight


The garden here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House is looking lush and verdant. Today we turfed the bad bits of lawn by the man steps, hopefully this will result in green throughout the summer. Last winter as per usual I sowed grass seed, and then watched as the pheasants congregated for Babette’s Feast, the banquet was all consumed, so drastic measures and turf was the solution, I wait to see how it holds up.

Birdsong fills the air, it seems that this year more than ever the birds have found every nook and cranny to build their nests, everywhere I work there is evidence of nesting, except in the designer nest box I both for myself as a Christmas present, ho hum! Of course the owl is back, she calls nightly to her mate for food, and I find feathers down by the sauna terrace, I guess they have a tryst there. As I type the sun has come out the pool is getting warmer, if this weather continues soon we will be swimming. hurrah!