Hmmmm…. it’s been a bit of work in the making

Clearing through photos this morning at Bellaugello Gay Country House I came across this set which brought back memories of just how the house was and all the effort we put into restoring it to make what you see today.

The south elevation of Bellaugello 2009 – 2015 enjoy!

Let battle commence! demolish the lean-toBellaugello in 2009 before demolition of the illegal stallaMore progress, looking cleaner1Progress, we are definitely getting theretoday the south elevation and Giardino suite of Bellaugello gay Country House


A glorious day here at Bellaugello Gay Country House, the sun shone brightly and temperatures reached 23˚c  the infinity swimming pool is glistening and beginning to heat up.  As I finished work we noticed Bobby casting a measured eye over the gardens and a photo was swiftly taken…

Bobby, surveying the gardens at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, Italy. #BellaugelloI think the message was, “dad have you not finished yet, it really is time for a walk”.  So that is what we did!

Overdue but thanks…. Announcements and joy

In the best Italian tradition my big announcement declared late last year is subject to delay. After all Italy must be the only country in the world with an official government website dedicated solely to “strikes”
So we are used to and accepting of delays and I ask you to be too…
I’m not overly keen on delays be they flights, deliveries or services, but sometimes just sometimes I do have to accept them and put on a cheery smile and I am asking you to too (lovely alliteration there!)
Regular readers must be wondering just what I have been doing or smoking these past few days, what is the guy on about? Well, for those of you not in the know I will tell you.
Each year I send electronic Christmas cards and included in the latest greeting was a message asking the recipient to keep tuning into my blog for a big announcement in January. Well January came and went with no announcement, annoying so. Until 31st I really believed that I would be allowed to go public and reveal all, but alas no, you will all have to keep patiently waiting another wee while. It will happen, indeed is happening, but is just too early to reveal all publicly, my news is hot!

loving guys at #Bellaugello

On a less frustrating note I am delighted to report that my blog post announcing that I am looking for guys to join the team here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House has received a huge response and as a consequence I am putting the final touches to what will be an amazing team this season at Bellaugello. I am currently finalising details with great guys from France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK, the USA and these countries will all be represented at Bellaugello this summer. Applications were a very high standard I am overwhelmed, thanks everybody. It looks like we will achieve my dream of offering a wider range of quality services and greater relax experience for guests including a resident male masseur.
If you are interested in working in the best gay resort in Italy and have been havering or organising your schedule then do not worry there may still be time to join the team as I am looking for team members for the months of September and October. The weather is still awesome, you can get that tan whilst working in a cool environment with awesome guests. Drop me a line to: tell me about yourself, and what qualities you could bring to Bellaugello and why you wish to be part of the team and let’s take it from there
In the meantime keep checking the blog, every day the huge announcement gets closer.


Does size really matter?

I have to ask myself what is real in life, sometimes articles in the press make me want to pinch myself, and wonder if they can actually be true or are all a huge wind up.  Here is a recent example:

On 6th. December the New York Daily News reported a white Italian truffle dug up in Umbria weighing 4.16 US pounds or 1.89kg selling at auction at Sotheby’s  New York for $61,250.00.

Sotheby's White Truffle on sale in New York #sothebyswhitetruffle

Ok it is very sexy, very very sexy.. BUT

Dear readers my last post pre-empted the sale.

Ok we did not know there was competition afoot, and so on my first truffle hunting expedition we only had 360 grammes (13 US ounces) of white truffles, on the plate in front of me, and that was four individual truffles, at least one of which was the size of a small fist, but had we know the show was on we could have provided more.

Ok their photograph is professional, mine was with an iPhone

Tuber Magnatum Pico #whitetruffles

The stonking thing is the price difference…  As Victor Meldrew famously retorted “I don’t b….y believe it!”  It seems to me that many people have more money than sense.   As reported in my previous blog post the 360g of truffles on my plate was valued at about 700 euro.

Now maths may not be my strongest point but 360g  x 5.25 = 1.89kg which is 4.16 US pounds

Thus: 700€ x 5.25 =3,675€ converted to US dollars = approx $4,515.00  which is what? weight for weight about 8% of the Sotheby’s price and that does not include their buyers’ premium……dum dum dum!!!

To enjoy white truffle ‘Tuber Magnum Pico’ at a sensible price you only need contact me at Bellaugello Gay Guest House.

Fly flat from the US and come and stay at Bellaugello, rent the entire house to yourselves for a week, and you can feast on fresh white truffle every day and still have change in your pocket. and you have a great convivial host, excellent cook and the opportunity to see for yourself exactly where these truffles are found.

In this case SIZE DOES NOT  MATTER!!!  After all, white truffle is not like the apple in the Sotheby’s picture you are hardly going tibiae into it, the tuber is just going to be sliced wafer thin and sprinkled over a decent homemade pasta.

BTW my tartufaio told me that the earth must not be cleaned off white truffles until immediately prior to consumption, because they begin to go mouldy, and he was careful not to touch it with a naked hand for the same reason….  Anybody tell Sotheby’s that?

Honeymoon shot

Thanks “A” for the photo, taken on honeymoon here in our infinity pool at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, Umbria, Italy

Another beautiful back for the series

Time for a rant-ette

Not only has the internet connection been playing up, sometimes slow, sometimes lightning fast, with intermediate stops and breaks of connection, but I am still suffering problems with the business email accounts.

All this year I have been plagued by a plethora of junk mail.  Both business accounts cluttered with junk mail, sometimes 200 a day. My blog has a spam filter, and I have been clearing out thousands of junk mails from my spam box on the blog.  Not only that but my e-mails were being rejected by several incoming servers.  Some came back to me, some took over 24 hours for the return message to appear, and some, well…who knows if they actually went anywhere??

Nobody could tell me where my mails were.  I thought this was something I had done, my fault, but no.  According to my web service providers, the problem arose when one of their other clients was sending out spam, and as a result all their clients had their email on high spam alert and were being rejected. The annoying thing was that they did not bother to inform me of this fact, and I suffered poor email service for several months.

It is highly unprofessional, and madly irritating.  I now realise just how much one takes a functioning internet for granted.  So anyway the web “service” providers informed me they have changed the web host.  Of course this did not run smoothly, emails lost, changed flags, bounced, re-bounced, read emails became un-read emails, it was two weeks of nightmares.  That thankfully seems to have passed. BUT the junk mails continue.

Three days ago I cleared out 5000 from the blog spam, and as the machine was doing that so more came in.  This morning 2,300.  I have written to the web “service” providers, no reply.  Maybe my mail is being rejected again.  Why oh why did I ever choose them?  I now have another task, that of finding a new professional provider.


Just received this morning this wonderful photograph of two newly wed husbands who are also guests of Bellaugello Gay Guest House following in the tradition of European Royal Families enjoying their traditional first kiss on the balcony!

congratulations guys!!

An evening out

I have noticed of late that this blog like our Facebook page for Bellaugello Gay Guest House is becoming somewhat overburdened with photos of dinners, table settings and food.
In this post I make no attempt to redress the imbalance, for it is a report of a splendid evening out with guys from Bellaugello.
A returning couple of guests from Germany had reads report of a restaurant in nearby Foligno and suggested to another couple of guys staying at Bellaugello and also to myself that we might venture there for dinner, as indeed we did on Friday evening.
It was a glorious drive, over ridge roads, the sun setting in the west a huge golden and then ruddy orb, Umbria was looking magnificent.
We arrived at Villa Roncalli in Foligno, thanks to a blond in the dashboard who kept on giving instructions as to how to get there. The villa is an old historic house up a tree lined avenue in an unprepossessing part of the town, but once you arrive is a haven of tranquility and understated elegance.

The chef, Marie Louise cooks as taught by her grandmother using food found locally and in the fields and hedgerows, blended with rich ingredients and given a modern presentation and is utterly divine. We were waited on by two charming ladies, one an exile from Geneva, the other local, as was the delicious wine. We chose the degustation menu, a sublime procession of light imaginative plates


20130811-112509.jpg and of course chatted and laughed until the “wee sma’ oors”

A thoroughly enjoyable evening, and easily do-able from Bellaugello Gay Guest House

Good morning Umbria

A couple of guys with an early flight out of Rome this morning so I am up with the lark serving a light breakfast.
It is a beautiful morning here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House here in Umbria Italy



Looks like its to be another hot day today.

Interesting… Hmm…

20130512-150518.jpg. I post this picture because the garden at Bellaugello gay guest house is looking magnificent and I am surprised nobody has posted a comment as to the meaning of the title of my last blog post!