iPad – iPhone – Samsung Tablet or PC

Just occasionally I am sufficiently conscientious to study my hit count on the Bellaugello website.  Google and others give me a reasonable indication of how many people have looked at the site for Bellaugello Gay Guest House, where they come from, for how long they were on the site and which pages took their interest.

Part of the analytics also provides me with data on what type of computer or tablet or smartphone you guys are using to view my website.

It reports a significant number of you use iPads, closely followed by iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets.  Now at the moment you all see the website in the same format, that generated principally for PCs with large screens.

So, a question to you tablet and smartphone users:  Does it irritate you that in order to read the Bellaugello website or my Blog you have to expand the screen?  Would you prefer that the site and blog were formatted specifically for your gadgets? Would you like it more user friendly, tabs leading to droop down menus and photos? Simpler cleaner lines

Do let me know….