Dreamy Sunday morning

It is a strange thing weather…. I moved to italy for several reasons, the obvious one to own and run a gay guest house, another obvious one the great people, food and wines, and then there is e weather.
Weather has never been a subject of conversation of import at Bellaugello Gay Guest House until this year. When guys make bookings for their holidays here I am often asked what the weather will be like in September, will it be too hot in July, is May a good time to travel, but this year I can give no guidance as to what the weather will be doing tomorrow let alone in several months’ time.

We have had our share of wet and miserable weather, but fortunately nothing like in Calgary or eastern Germany from where guests send me photos of catastrophic flooding and summer snow. All this rain has stunted the fruit trees here at Bellaugello my usually juicy plump sensuous figs are falling from the tree, unripe, the apricots are non existent, but as a neighbour remarked yesterday the olive trees are bursting with flowers, if they turn into fruit the olive branches will all need supports, it looks possible to be a once in 50 years bountiful harvest.

Today is utterly glorious, a dreamy Umbrian morning, the verdant hillsides warmed by an invite se sun, lingering wisps of mist, the air punctuated by birdsong and the noise of insects collecting nectar.

I am sitting on my terrace just finishing a croissant with orange marmalade made by a guest from England and kindly given to me, ambrosia in this place of paradise