Something to celebrate

After a hot hot day poolside dinner at Bellaugello Gay Guest House was served on the terrace. One of our regular guests, and the only one really permitted into the kitchen made a delicious starter of mozzarella di bufala, local prosciutto, figs from our tree here at Bellaugello and placed on a bed of crispy salad, all liberally coated with the yummiest dressing. He is seen here serving his dish

It was a fun evening, as always here, guys from different countries each with a story to tell. Today one couple celebrating 11 years together, tomorrow another 23 years together, and also another guy celebrating his birthday, all real causes for celebrations and a candlelit supper Hyacinth Bucket would have been proud to have hosted for Sheridan and his friends!! Shame the plates are Royal Worcester and Weimar not the best Royal Doulton haha!