As a follow up from my post about Perugia St. Francis of Assisi Airport, thanks to a comment received I am delighted to report that from GERMANY getting to Bellaugello Gay Guest House will soon be even easier with

    direct flights from three German cities


BERLIN – ANCONA route starts Saturday 12th. April 2014
DUSSELDORF – ANCONA route starts Saturday 12th. April 2014
HAMBURG – ANCONA route starts Saturday 7th. June 2014

Ancona airport is situated in Le Marche and a scenic 1 1/2 hour drive to Bellaugello Gay Resort

A fabulous pool day

Such fun getting the guys to pose for the “Bellaugello Backs” photo today

Chaos ensued in the infinity pool at Bellaugello Gay Guest House under the hot Umbrian sunshine as the guys tried to get both their backs and buts into the photo!!


And the guys have a bet on with me…. They also posed for a photo for Bellaugello Gay Guest FACEBOOK PAGE. If they receive 1500 clicks within 24 hours then the champagne is on me

Here is the photo….

20130712-131746.jpg go on help them! Like our Facebook page and like the photo and if they win I will post the pic of the brindisi!
For now here is another one of them enjoying the crisp warm water of our infinity pool