Oh I really should be writing….

The weather has been perfect, sunshine, hot sunshine, Bellaugello looking fabulous, the garden fragrant, bountiful lavender just about to burst into bloom, zucchini in the orto garily showing bright delicate flowers, as the bard said we have “bound up yon dangling apricots” and the roses are abundant and generously flowering. Hazy mist hangs lightly in the Chiascio valley below , and shimmering mist runs all the way to the Apennines, there is a light breeze ruffling the foliage, the infinity swimming pool at our gay guest house is a drinkable 32 degrees, guys are relaxing on the sunbeds, soaking up the strong rays, and birdsong fills the air.
Bobby our recent new arrival is busy chasing the geckos, ever happy to be bundling through the lavender and under the ever growing sage bushes that litter our garden, Jenny the boss is content to lie in a shady corner, until supper time when she does he rounds of the guys terraces, ever hopeful of a left over morsel – strictly forbidden as she well knows, but try and try she does!
I have had a couple of days of a horrid sore throat, maybe for some lucky, as I have been unable to speak, or at least to speak intelligibly…. Lots of remedies have been suggested from sage leave tisane to propoli, antibiotics, gargles, blue pills and total rest. I tried them all.
Next week we are fully booked, the guys here in for several treats including the Medieval fayre at the town of Bevagna, a fortnight of merriment and joshing, with some great entertainment, food, and souvenirs to be had. Simultaneously and across the valley the wonderful Umbrian town of Spello hosts it’s annual flower festival when the streets of this medieval town are carpeted with billions of flowers, amazing works of art. And talking of works of art the stupendous Steve McCurry is in Perugia presenting the story behind his amazing Umbrian photographs…
Last night we had our first summer BBQ a convivial evening and surprisingly enough I did not burn the meat….