Atlantis Summer Mediterranean Cruise

Any guys booked on this summer’s spectacular Atantis Gay Cruise leaving Venice on 24th. August?
We have guys from the cruise booked for some days of relax here at Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse after disembarkation in Rome 3 Sept.
One Last Suite available – book now and share the post-cruise holiday!

Oh really?

Up early this morning, routine: – let dogs out – bathroom – pot of tea (man needs to be hydrated!) – check emails – rub sleep from eyes – turn on BBC radio 4 – turn on shower – read emails… surely, it cannot be true… in the work box an email entitled ‘exquisite present’

This is the first time such a title is in the header box, yippee, unexpected delight!!

However with an Australian IP address I open the email only very cautiously to discover its contents.  Naturally hoping at minimum for a gift of a lifetime supply of vintage Krug,  a cluster of yellow diamonds or at the very least a trip by private jet to holiday on Roman Abramovitch’s yacht ‘Eclipse’, instead I discover that Bellaugello Gay Guest House email box has finally hit the hetero radar and is now being targeted by sellers of Viagra……

Ouch! such bitter disappointment!



A myriad of choice…

Swift ordering from the Havaianas website and speedy dispatch means that my new summer flip flops have arrived and I can now feel both summery and smart walking around the garden and pool here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House…..

and the pool is currently..

A Warm welcome to Cristiano

I would like to extend a hearty welcome to Cristiano who arrived here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House a couple of days ago.  Cristiano is from Rome and here at Bellaugello Gay B&B to lend a hand and enjoy the sunshine and splendours of Umbria, and I am sure to the relief of my Italian correspondents at some time he will help me write my emails in better and more correct Italian!

There is still availability throughout May including the 15th. when Gubbio holds its annual FESTA DEI CERI or race of the candles, why not join Cristiano and me at Bellaugello this month…..


There’s a definite spring in the air

It’s not every day I get the occasion to put on my kilt, this fabulous picture of me and the guys has been sitting in my photo library for far too long without having been posted on the blog.

great guys, great fun great day!

Across the valley

Off to collect some fine organic flour, I happened to have the camera with me and snapped a couple of pics of Bellaugello Gay Guest House seen from a different angle

The house is on the skyline above the first curve on the white road and commands fabulous views to the south.  Of note to me are the wonderfully green fields refreshed by recent rains.

Another pic that will be of interest to guys who have stayed at Bellaugello gay bed and breakfast will be this one of the village of Colpalombo.  Although from the photo to me the village has a somewhat alpine feel, it really is in Umbria.  The prominent church bell tower is the one seen across the valley from the windows and terraces of Bellaugello.

and lastly for this post, using a telephoto lens, the house of Bellaugello with the infinity swimming pool seen to the right as seen from the road the far side of the village of Colpalombo


I’ve been busy, really busy and today in an effort to catch up I open my blog to discover 929 spam comments.  Now normally I flick through the spam box just in case a valid post or comment is mis-directed, but with nine hundred and twenty nine there is no way I am going to check, so auto delete key.

Here at Bellaugello it has been a great few days, as ever fabulous guys staying, and lots going on.

One of the Umbrian towns I visited last week was Todi, some 30km south of Perugia, a wonderful drive through low hills some clad with olive groves, others with delightfully tidy rows of vines.  For once a GPS took me straight to a great car park from where a short train ride, well it is a lift but runs up the side of the hill on tracks so a lift train takes one straight to the centro storico of this delightful hilltop town.

Some years ago in Condé Nast magazine it was voted one of the 30 best towns in the world in which to live, and of course then changed somewhat, in part it is still a very quaint Umbrian town, but hidden in narrow side streets are a wealth of antique and chic design shops, real treasure troves.

Friday saw an unexpected and much appreciated visitor, a great excuse for me to bake some lavender cup cakes in my newly purchased silicone cup cake moulds,

hey voilà! a success!  After a pot of simply divine tisane we walked round the garden and exchanged planting ideas, and marvelled in the beauty of Umbria.

Saturday brought me an email message from TripAdvisor of another review for Bellaugello Gay Guest House, I really want to thank  the guys who take the time to write a review of their stay here, and to read their kind words makes my job really worthwhile.

On Sunday some of the guys headed up to the southern Tuscan town of Anghiari which was hosting an annual spring fair.  Although Bellaugello Gay Guest House is in Umbria,we are not far from either Tuscany or Le Marche, many beautiful towns are well within a day visit from here and the circular Tuscan town of Anghiari is certainly no exception.

Today was back to the garden, dodging rain showers, my, how everything is now so green.  I managed to plant another row of lavender and rosemary, heady scents carried on light breeze and crowned at one point by a weak hazy rainbow.  I am now working out how I am going to get the hedging plants which I plan for the wall behind our infinity swimming pool to fit in my car.  They won’t so…. so, so hmm  I have yet to work that one out!  I have broken one of my garden rules and ordered cypressus leylandii that fast growin conifer so detested in suburban gardens, but when kept well and trimmed regularly forms an extrordinarily neat and rectilinear hedge.  I have bought red roses which I will plant at intervals in front of the hedge, to form a very formal backdrop to the pool, and allow the future placement of some sensual sculptures.

In between whiles I found time to dash to Rome where I met Cristiano, the guy who answered my Facebook post and is coming to Bellaugello for the month of May.  Also in Rome I met a cousin that I had last seen in London in the swinging sixties.  My cousin lives in Perth, Australia and had found me through the business, amazing!  She is traveling with her husband on the QE2 which had stopped at the port of Civitvecchia for the day.  It was a really emotional meeting, so much to catch up on, a very lengthy family tree to ingest, is a fabulous story that I will post about soon, but for now, I think it is time for me to sign off and hit the hay, night all!

Really? a ‘working holiday’ at Bellaugello?

Seen busy at the breakfast table yesterday morning, guys here at Bellaugello Gay guest house studiously painting their eggs in preparation for the egg tossing at Pratale prior to the annual Easter lunch party

Well the egg tossing is traditional and the work was minimal, but the enjoyment immense, thanks to our hosts for a perfect and delicious lunch!