Out and about, from garden to valley, yesterday at Bellaugello


A few views of Bellaugello Gay Country House taken yesterday. You see the west terrace, a glimpse of the vegetable garden, and in the distance the Apennines, Monte Subasio and of course the river Chiascio which we overlook from the terraces here at Bellaugello.  Today spring is certainly in the air.

Panorama Bellaugello Gay Country House, Umbria, ItalyValdichiascio, UmbriaValdichiascio, Umbria, Italythe lower garden terrace at Bellaugello Gay Country House, Umbria, ItalyPanorama Bellaugello Gay Country House, Umbria, ItalyRiver Chiascio seen from the terrace of Bellaugello Gay Country House, Umbria Italy

Sunday and its sunny

Another sunny day dawned at Bellaugello Gay Guest House here in Umbria, an excuse to breakfast outside on the terrace.

To my delight I spotted an owl chick in one of the roosting boxes in the old stone walls of the main house.  I did not look too closely so as not to disturb mum and chick, but definitely saw a wee face peeking out, what a joy.  The hoopoe are nesting in an old wall behind the house, they too must have chicks as they are busy flying tothe nest with morsels.

The lavender I plante last year just keeps on growing and growing.  I thought it would make nice borders for the paths, but it seems determined to engulf them.  I am loathe to cut the plants back, but maybe today is the day I pluck up the courage to do so before I lose sight of the paths completely.

Early morning Mist

The delightful view this morning along the Chiascio valley toward Assisi from Bellaugello Gay Guest House here near Gubbio in Umbria

Buon Anno – Happy New Year!!!

Finally a minute of repose and time to post on the blog!

Firstly my very best wishes for a very healthy, happy and sucessful new year to all.

We have had a blast here at Bellaugello our gay bed and breakfast, in Umbria.  Our first Christmas and New Year celebrations proved to be very popular.  As is normal at this time of year, there was a lot of eating, drinking, partying and fun!  Cocktails, dinners, swapping stories, singing round the Christmas Tree, and of course, Fireworks.

In between times, long lies, cozying up with a good book, damp dog walks through Valdichiascio, returning to tea and cakes infront of the log fire, visits to Gubbio, Perugia and Assisi, a real houseparty atmosphere prevailed. Both Christmas Lunch and Hogmanay dinners were served in great style round our antique dining table.  We combined the best of Italian and Scottish traditions which gelled seamlessly and will be the format for future Christmas and New Year celebrations here at our gay guest house.

And to all of you who have loyally been following my posts, a sincere ‘thank you’  I hope you have found them entertaining, that you will continue reading.  Please do share the blog with your friends, spread the word spread the word!

I hope that I will have the pleasure of welcoming you to Bellaugello this year for your spring break or summer holiday or just a break-away. It will be nice to meet my readers!

Buon anno amici!  Alec


For the first time in four years it did not rain on the day of this important holiday in Italy.

The sun shone and families gathered round laden tables to celebrate together.  Here in the valley there was a lovely party at Luca’s house with many many friends, and for the first time Andrea Malingri, the new born son of Marco and Dafne.  Andrea, less than one week new was on his first outing, so so cute.

Here at Bellaugello, our gay guest house in Umbria we have been very busy, much fun was had.

The Website

The website for my gay guest house was finally completed yesterday with the loading of the last few phtotographs.  It has been an adventure, thankfully made easier by my ever-patient website designers!

Now all I need are the hits and of course the bookings!

Swimming Pool – an update

On another swelteringly hot day here at Bellaugello  when all I want to do is have a break from strimming grass, strip off and dive into a swimming pool, I learn that the finished pool is to be a bit further off than previously anticipated.

Yes, we are still awaiting permission for our horizon swimming pool, here at our gay guest house in Umbria.

We had hoped to be starting work on the new swimming pool within the next few weeks, and to be constructing it of pre-formed steel panels, however there has been a planning complication and  it now looks unlikely that the chlorine-free swimming pool will not  be built for this summer.

Naturally I am disappointed to have to relay this news, however the new designs look very impressive, and will certainly be worth the wait.

Included in the new pool development plans here at our gay bed and breakfast is a horizon water fall on the south and east elevations, giving views to the Apennines, two large terraces with sunloungers to the west and north sides, a solar shower,  and we will be using L E D lighting to give a spectacular night-time colour display.  Solar panels will heat the water allowing the pool to be used for more months in the spring and autumn.

The good news is t hat you will be able to strip off and plunge into the swimming pool next spring!