Yes, the timing is ideal…..

I has been said that I’ve taken leave of my senses, but want to make the Bellaugello experience better for you guys. Both my builders and I waited until the weather turned indifferent and then we dug up the drive here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House and are now softening the curve and paving the entrance driveway, it’s going to look ever so smart.




We have a gap of a few days Before our next guests arrive to complete the work, I have a dream, but sometimes I think I must be mad!

Mmmmm…… It’s got to be done

Another glorious day, guys lazing by the swimming pool at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, soaking up the hot August sun and generally being sybaritic.
After such hedonism what better than to head to our local town of Gubbio for an aperitif

20130814-163950.jpg which we enjoyed on the terrace of bar Martintempo, before going up the road to ristorante Dei Consoli for dinner.
Now last night we were spoilt in a spectacular way at dinner with a tasty antipasto shared by all and liberally doused in truffle…. Grated by ourselves, quite divine!

Life in Umbria is a bit epicurean right now.

A tavola!

Ieri. Una serata bellissima…… Cena sotto le stelle presso Bellaugello gay guest house



Sunny Saturday At Bellaugello Gay Guest House

TulipsA glorious morning, blue skies, big fleecy clouds, and so much colour in the garden here at Bellaugello Gay bed and breakfast.

Temperatures still rising we are up to 22˚c today and I need to get round to dusting down the pool loungers…. Looks like summer is going to be a hot one again!


Change of taste

It was really strange but the last few weeks I have been having terrible food cravings for British or at least food that I ate back in Scotland
Now don’t get me wrong here in italy the food is second to none and I am fortunate at Bellaugello Gay Guest House to have many wonderful suppliers and markets. Also it is not that I ate badly in Scotland or noshed on junk food but I have had these cravings
So I hit the most cosmopolitan supermarket in my local and beautiful town of Gubbio and Lo and behold I found Heinz tomato soup SunPat peanut butter sweet popcorn and several other goodies.
Back home I heated up the can of tomato soup and waited for childhood memories to return, but no; it tastes different not at all as I remember somewhat disappointing Now I’m wondering whether the other foreign goodies will also have changed
A lot has changed in ten years most probably my taste!


Looking out the window today I really cannot believe it is less than two weeks to Easter.

Ok, I know I shouldn’t really be posting this, after all my blog is supposed to be full of joys and delights, tra lah!  The daffodils are indeed coming up, all should be cheery and positive and written to encourage you all to come and see Bellaugello for yourselves, but my blog is also a record of daily life running a gay guest house in Umbria, Italy so here goes;

Today in Umbria it is blowing a gale, torrential rain, grey and utterly miserable.  It is not especially cold, the wind is coming up from the south, but it is soggy and real wet.   The Chiascio river below the house is running fast a muddy café au lait colour and has once again burst its banks.

Here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House over the past month in amongst other tasks I have been endeavouring to get to work in the garden. It has been frosty every morning, sunny days, but no good for pruning or chopping.  Now all is waterlogged and very sad, and plants  like frenetic semaphore signallers are blowing about madly in the high winds.  I feel like I am on the bridge of an ocean liner in a storm.

Grey rain from the safety of the porch at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, Umbria, Italie

Because we have had some warm weather recently the grass is growing madly and of course the weeds even more so.  The fine oak tree on the east side of the house which has held onto its golden dry brittle leaves until just now has finally decided to shed them, and guess where they are all ending up…. in the swimming pool of course!

I guess the easter bunnies will just have to frolic and gambol in the long grass 😉