Wow! technological problems have abounded.  I am SO tired of technological problems, I know that my emails are not getting through or being received, and for this I apologise, it is not as if I do not want to reply, I am simply not able to. Luckily I have great people with infinite expertise and patience helping […]

Selfie, Selfie, what sort of word is that?  Why when new words are introduced into the English language can they not be nice words, beautiful words, elegant words?  Words should fill your mouth with a sensual pleasure, roll languidly round your tongue, tickle your palate, bounce off the roof of your mouth and trace intricately the […]

I don’t know why they happen, but they sure do happen.  I hate horrible days, I really detest them and today was a stonker of a horrible day. Don’t get me wrong, it is not the weather, here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, the sun has been shining brightly, warm, delicious, a light […]

Last spring a great friend wrote and told me of friends of theirs who were planning a three month sabbatical here in Umbria and asking me if I could offer assistance with any ‘settling in’ problems that might arise.  Subsequently email contact was made with the friends and I learnt that they were renting a […]

Our latest arrival… The first in a series of specially commissioned chairs all with a “Bellaugello Back’s” theme. Claire’s Chairs has done us at Bellaugello Gay Guest House proud. Come join us this summer, have a dip in our glorious infinity pool and you too could have your own personalised set of dining chairs, a […]

Am I the only un-stereotypical gay guy left? Over the past few days I have been asking myself that question. Why? You might ask… Well I seem to share one thing in common with David Cameron the straight Prime Minister of the UK, in that I do not know who Molly is…. I thought a […]

Ever since I first started having guests at Bellaugello Gay Guest House I have wanted to get to the Foro Italico in Rome and see the huge marble statues erected on the orders of Mussolini in 1933. Rome is a great entry or exit point to Italy a choice of airports, good train connect is, […]

I really cannot believe it. Here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House the weather continues to be unseasonably warm. Yesterday I spent a delightful afternoon pruning olive trees. I dressed warmly, it is February after all, but within a few minutes As temperatures hit the low twenties I had to strip off to a rugger shirt. […]

Last night we all headed into our local town of Gubbio for dinner and a show Aperitifs at bar MartinTempo were followed with a rather over-large antipasto in Piazza Bosone at the Osteria del Re and a wonderful show of flag throwing Here is a video of the spectacle, click on the YouTube link

The other day some of the guys were asking for oil. Not crude but olive… So we headed off to the nearby estate of Montelabate abbey The frantoio is modern, spotless and where in the past we have taken the olives from Bellaugello to be milled and turned into deep intense fragrant extra virgin olive […]