On Junk Mail and Swimming

A telephone call this afternoon from a guy from the Netherlands has got me worried.

He is looking to book a room here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, had sent me an email a few days ago, and not received a reply so had the kindness to telephone me.

Fortunately I keep a record of my received and sent emails, and also copy myself all sent mails, so I was able to discover in my system my reply,  and forward it on to him.

At the same time I sent an email confirmation to a friend’s hotel for a dinner reservation and it bounced back with a message failure signaling “junk box full”

I am now really worried that my emails are subject to a junk box mis-asignment filter and ending up being spammed and have absolutely NO IDEA what to do to check!

Is there anybody out there that can help?

On a brighter note the weather here in Umbria is still glorious, the infinity pool is a pleasant 20˚ and we are hoping to have it fully operational several weeks earlier than usual and open by this coming weekend 12 May for which there is still one suite available, do call for booking +39 075 920 374 or Skype ‘bellaugello’