The boys were grilling last night

It was a glorious evening, warm, balmy, and the fireflies were hovering in the garden, flitting from lavender bush to rosemary and into the trees when the guys from Rome fired up the barbecue at Bellaugello Gay Guest House and set about cooking for us all. What a veritable feast!

The chat as always was international, language barriers overcome and jokes and life experiences shared, convivial as always at Bellaugello


Tonight we are off to the village “Sagra” or festival in Colpalombo where there is a band delighting in the name “perfume of the east” playing and locally cooked food. I have already warned the guys that there is the distinct possibility they will be asked for a dance by some of the local ladies – such a group of handsome foreign men as found at Bellaugello Gay bed and breakfast are not often seen at the Sagra!