It’s not what you think…. Honest!

The photos just get more and more inventive! This time a guest from Belgium.

If you look carefully you can see he is not doing what you thought he was..  Of course he can happily water my garden anytime here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House!

Fragrant Warmth

The breeze has picked up today as the effects of the sirocco subside. We have had several days of blistering heat, today there are a few clouds being blown about, and although still very warm, the wind has somehow changed its feel.

We have been busy in the garden. Having picked a couple of kilos of gooseberries my hands are a bit shredded, but there will be some wonderful gooseberry fool on the menu shortly. We are cutting hedges, trying to shape them into something recognisably rectilinear, but despite a professional hedge trimming machine the overall effect is of blown waves of growth!

The tomato plants now have been staked, the first tomatoes small and green beginning to weigh the plants down, the first zucchini has flowered and pepperoncini are fruiting. Back once again flowering is the fig of India the bright yellow flowers reflecting today’s sunshine.

The terrace pots are filling out well, my decision at Bellaugello Gay Guest House to go for pinks and violets this year has so far been a good one.

20130621-163401.jpg and the jasmine is in full bloom, the warm air heady with the intense sweet fragrance of jasmine, to me so redolent of hot European summers.

For those of you wanting to enjoy the warm heady scents we still have a suite available the first week of July. Email me at: