Tsunami – one year on

As is my wont when time is my own at breakfast I was scanning the BBC news website, picking pieces of news, some good some bad, some pleasing and some downright irritating when I came across a set of pictures showing The devastation caused by the earthquake and ensuing tsunami, and the same views today on the first anniversary and was struck by just how much work the Japanese have put into regaining their lives, and how logistically they have created out of chaos and total devastation calm and order.

One picture particularly amazed me, an anything but insubstantial catamaran perched rather like the storks that nest on top of slender electric poles, their nests engulfing the slim support, a on top of a large two storey building in Otschi, Iwate prefecture.

Just how do you go about removing a large boat from you roof? Who do you call – I doubt very much yellow pages will have a section on ‘boat from roof removal specialists’. So just how do you go about making order out of chaos?

Well this led me to thinking. We are currently doing minor work on the entrance to Bellaugello Gay Guest House, I felt it was time to make a bit of a statement, a new drain canal to take the rainwater that washes from the road (more of which later, I feel a real big road rant coming along) and on either flank a pillar – statement. Not gate pillars, but pillars to deliniate the entrance and well you will just have to visit to see exactly what I propose.

We are using old hand worked stone that was put to one side when an old annexe was rebuilt. The delicious honey coloured stone formed two corner pillars of the tumble down annexe and were kept specifically for the job we are now doing. Yesterday I wasted a good hour trying to work out how to fit the pieces together, the stones are of course of varying lengths and heights, but I did it. In an effort to remember just how the pillars looked I trawled my large photographic archive of building work, which leads me nicely into the point of this post….

It may have taken me four years but I am me and only me, and the work was done through choice not as a result of devastation yet in that time I too managed to turn chaos into order….