Am I the only un-stereotypical gay guy left?
Over the past few days I have been asking myself that question. Why? You might ask… Well I seem to share one thing in common with David Cameron the straight Prime Minister of the UK, in that I do not know who Molly is….
I thought a Molly was either my long lost distant cousin sometime in South Africa, or an eighteenth century guy who acted on stage dressed as a woman, and whose sexual tendencies trended towards the male sex
But no it seems that last night a Molly was taking part in Eurovision and, like the said Cameron I knew not who or why. There my similarity with Cameron stops (well we do share other similarities but they are for another blog).
Just because I am a gay guy why do I have to like or even fawn over Eurovision, I dislike it with the same indifference that I give to Liza Minelli and Shirley Bassey, neither of whom I choose to listen to. It is a mystery to me that I prefer to keep a mystery.