We have been experiencing problems from out Internet Service Supplier.  As a result many of our emails are not getting through to potential guests.

If YOU have sent an email to Bellaugello and have not yet received a reply please can you re-send and let me know, I will send you the original reply by my private email address.

Here is the latest mail to me from my internet service agent for Hostgator


As one of our clients that is hosted on our dedicated server, you will be aware that there have, for the past few days, been issues with sending emails from your domain account through to Microsoft owned accounts (hotmail etc.).
It seems that Microsoft are starting to take a much stricter line with regard to spam, and after much chasing and ranting on my part, Hostgator (our server company) have finally come back to me just now to confirm that this current e-mail block is related to a far reaching response by Microsoft to block IP’s that are sending spam into their network.
The slowness of the response by Hostgator was a factor of the high number of other domains and customers effected by this action and the fact that Microsoft are not issuing any information to any of the ISP’s, but just blocking as they go.
The last recent block was, as you know was caused by spam being sent directly from a client account to other email accounts. This was swiftly dealt with.
This current Black list has been caused by e-mail account forwarders that are set up on our server, forwarding e-mails to hotmail accounts. These have been sending all e-mails through to the destination hotmail accounts, including spam. With the tightened Microsoft stance, this has resulted in our server IP (along with many others) being black listed by Microsoft. 
Now we know the cause we can take action to resolve this and get the IP delisted.
I appreciate the inconvenience this is causing you and can only apologise. Currently I cannot give you an accurate time frame for when the server will be cleared and e-mails will behave normally. As soon as I know more I will be in touch. If you have any urgent e-mails that need to get through, please use an alternative e-mail account to send the message.
The issue is out with my hands, and also includes .mac addresses, I am real sorry