In the vineyard, lesson one

A chilly blustery morning finds me and Isis, my neighbour down in the vineyard being given our first lesson on how to prune the vines.
March is the month for the initial pruning, and my neighbour and good friend Martin demonstrates how the vines should be pruned and tied. Martin is one of the few remaining farmers in the valley who still has a vineyard, he being taught many years ago by one if his neighbours. You can see that the vineyard has suffered from a few years of neglect, but is very salvageable. We learn to cut out the older tired wood and tie the strong youthful shoots to the wires in the old way using willow sticks cut from the tree on the edge of the vineyard grown specifically for the purpose.

Morning one almost a full row done, only another twenty to do, we need to speed up!

Jenny says ‘thanks’

Sometimes one just feels tuned in. I never know if it is a sixth sense or something spookier, but just sometimes in large vagueness that my brain is steadily becoming, thoughts come to the fore, fuzz around, and crazily enough so often shortly after the thing that flew through my thought processes comes about.
Logically, some of the thought processes are brought to the fore because even my addled brain remembers the electricity bill is due, advertising copy deadline is tomorrow, or that I was supposed to have been at lunch with a chum yesterday, but some things just cannot be explained.
An email arriving late last night was a case in point. For some time I have been thinking that recently I have not had any reviews of Bellaugello Gay Guest House on Tripadvisor. Considering it is winter, and we are effectively closed – well informally open until end of March , is hardly surprising that no reviews are coming in, but I was idly dreaming about new reviews and wondering how hotels which are closed manage to receive new reviews. The thought flew away or got lost in the addled grey cells.
Lo and behold! Last night an email came in informing me of a new review for Bellaugello.
I clicked the link, and read a brilliant and comprehensive review, quite rightly crediting Jenny my wee spaniel with being the boss here at Bellaugello Gay B&B, Indeed as I inform all new guests she is, but it was surreal to read the fact in print globally
Bizarrely yesterday I learnt from the BBC that the National Gallery in London has just acquired its first 20th century American picture, as today I read in the review my famous map of trails and walks here in Valdichiascio is now on display in MoMA New York ….. I hope my map is displayed in a suitable setting in MoMA!
A bottle of pink prosecco to the guy who instagrams me the pic of my map in NYC and thanks Erik for the review, it has cheered me and Jenny – she is walking round head held high bossier than ever!