Looks like a busy day tomorrow!

An industrious day here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House saw me delighting in the warm sun all day in the garden pruning the lavender. This is one of my huge October tasks, seemingly endless rows of still headily scented aromatic lavender all requiring to be pruned back
I cannot complain, the lavender grows well here and throughout the spring summer and autumn provides a fabulous how and intense perfume.
This year we have been exploring new ideas, and new recipes , making our own lavender ice cream, and roasting lamb with our lavender both frequently served at dinner here at Bellaugello Gay B&B in glorious tranquil Umbria. Of course our lavender ice creams went down extremely well poolside, thanks to the new freezer in the bar our guys could help themselves anytime to an artisan ice cream whilst soaking up the hot sun at the edge of our infinity pool… Glorious days!
Anyway back to the theme of this post. It concerns forty quintale… of logs!

One of my neighbours has been cutting wood and I bought some to burn in our biomass boiler and in the fireplaces. So it arrived and I now know what I will be doing tomorrow! By the end of the week the logs will be neatly stacked, or that is the theory;-)