Water everywhere but where it’s supposed to be

It is raining, the wind is blowing and today we have had to dig a hole right outside the dining room door as we have a leak here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House.
The leak is in a heating tube that runs from our wood and pellet fired boiler town through the garden to the lower part of the house. We dug this morning and discovered that the plumber had done a real stupid thing and finished the insulated tube short of the house – not only is there a leak, but the insulated tube stops short of the house, and so the super expensive super insulated non-heat-loss tube is worthless, we are heating the ground around the house!


So now I wait on my new plumber who is coming to look at the leak. Of course it is not simple, the water is running from between the outer and inner casing, our hope is that he break is near the lower end otherwise it will mean digging up 30 metres of tube all of which run under established gardens, steps, flower beds and terraces…..
update tomorrow!