A glorious day here at Bellaugello Gay Country House, the sun shone brightly and temperatures reached 23˚c  the infinity swimming pool is glistening and beginning to heat up.  As I finished work we noticed Bobby casting a measured eye over the gardens and a photo was swiftly taken…

Bobby, surveying the gardens at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, Italy. #BellaugelloI think the message was, “dad have you not finished yet, it really is time for a walk”.  So that is what we did!

Utter beauty

I think this photo I took this morning sums up perfectly just what Bellaugello Gay Bed and Breakfast in Umbria, Italy is all about……

thanks to P & F

Robbie Rogers – meteoric

It has been an earth shattering news day!

Scanning the papers today I read that the meteor that landed in the Ural mountains, Russia yesterday having done extensive damage which was widely reported in spectacular video had according to scientists, nothing to do with the giant one that sailed gaily past Australia last night.

That horsemeat has entered the UK food chain almost everywhere and people are now finally questioning the ‘ethics’ of the supermarkets who demand such ludicrously low costs from their product suppliers… 2 pence per sausage what can they think goes into a sausage produced at that cost?

And the first professional UK footballer since Justin Fashanu had come out as openly gay.

The heroic guy in question is 25 year old Robbie Rogers, a real good looking Californian who as a former United States international, earned 18 caps, played at the Beijing Olympics, and narrowly missed out on a place at the 2010 World Cup.  In the UK he played for Leeds United and Stevenage.

Here is a link to his blog where he made the announcement: http://robbierogers8.moonfruit.com/#

I heartily congratulate Robbie, and hope that his announcement has opened the gates to other professional footballers to find the courage to come out as gay and make the sport more honest.

Classical autumn

As summer turns to Autumn or Fall or Autunno so the days are shorter and evenings are cooler.  Here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House guys are using the remaining warmth of the sun to lounge poolside through the day and as dusk descends head to the wood fired sauna.

Umbria is a great region to live in, it is still unspoilt, you eat well, it is stunningly beautiful, a home to fabulous art and architecture, the wines are world class and in the autumn, winter and spring most towns hold markets of local crafts and produce, and organise events and concerts.

So it was last night that I headed off to Gubbio our local town to the inaugural concert of the newly restored organ of the church of San Secondo.  The guest organist, Rui Soares is Portuguese so must have travelled to get to Gubbio, so I reckoned must be worth hearing.  After a superb dinner of simply grilled fillet of beed with pink sea salt and mixed salad at my favourite restaurant Dei Consoli in the centro storico of Gubbio I headed off to find the church and the concert.

I had seen the event on the Gubbio events website, a link for which I am posting onto my blog list – check out the right side of my blog page.

Not knowing the church I looked it up on Google Maps – better than apple maps I reckon and off I set.  Only problem  the church on the map is part of a monastery and the one I wanted must be the second ‘San Secondo’.  A quick call to a friend and I arrived in perfect time to have missed the congratulatory speeches but in time for the start of the music.

And what a great concert it was, Soares played amazingly, his interpretation and dexterity truly awesome.  Included in his recital was a piece by Pancrace Royer – Le March des Scythes.  This piece is normally for the harpsichord – You Tube it,  there are some great versions, but here last night it was transcribed for the newly restored organ.  Of course I was slow with my record button on my iPhone but here is a ‘wee snippet’ of last night’s concert, just click on the following link:-

La March des Scythes

This was only one of the first in an entire season of concerts that range from Gregorian chant through Classical to Jazz and Pop, each of which a reason to tear oneself away from the blazing log fire in the dining room at Bellaugello and venture out to the magic of yet another Umbrian hill top town.

Why not join us for a classical autumn weekend?  email: info@bellaugello.com


Yesterday afternoon I bundled Milo my English Setter into the car and headed to Perugia for a visit to the vet.  As you guys who have stayed recently at Bellaugello Gay Guest House will know, Milo has two large cists.  These cists are not the first in his life, he has been operated on four times in his near twelve years, and in consultation with the vet last spring we decided that enough was enough, and there were to be no further operations.

However the cist on his neck has burst and is evidently very itchy, so he is worrying it constantly and something needs to be done hence the visit to the vet yesterday.

Melania is the most wonderful dedicated and caring vet, it was she that nursed Edo, Milo’s late brother who after a long battle with a weak heart died last year.  It was her that we saw yesterday and she is in agreement that we operate to remove the cists.  There are two, the one on his neck and a second on his  hip.  Melania’s concerns are twofold, that the skin may not close over the tension of the hip bone, and that his heart may not support the anesthetic.

So it was with a heavy heart that we returned home with the operation scheduled for this afternoon.  The past hours have for me been like a death sentence, every hour precious, to be savoured.  Knowing that Milo is to undergo an operation with no guarantees that he will survive is really perplexing, hard to get my head round.  It is catch 22, we need to operate but the operation may prove fatal.

Last night it rained again, fresh big life giving raindrops.  This morning the Chiascio valley is shrouded in rolling mist, there is just a small amount of blue sky showing, the sun peeking out, its going to be a great day…

I think I need to do some more publicity

I thought that Bellaugello Gay Guest House was becoming just a little bit know both abroad and here in Umbria but it seems not,   I NEED MORE PUBLICITY. – any of you marketing experts out there able to help?

I have a coffee machine in the dining room it is black, angular, and ever so slightly sexy.  The machine is there as part of the service we offer at Bellaugello to enable guys in need of a caffeine fix to help themselves to a coffee day or night.

Last week I ordered my usual regular consignment of Illy coffee capsules.  I like Illy coffee, and now they have the Brasil blend I like it even more.  From Illy you have to order online – they don’t do retail darhling!  The ILLY website is easy to navigate and once you have told them you are in Italy and not the USA it is plain sailing.  In the past the delivery service has been great, quick, and efficient, however this year I have noticed a marked tail off in service from their courier of choice; BRT Bartolini.

Now OK I know that drivers are paid a pittance, probably below the legal minimum, I suspect they are also under pressure to do as few kilometers as possible – why else would they want to leave all consignments for this valley at the Esso petrol station 8km away? but I have paid for home delivery, me in a petrol station however cute the attendant I think not….

Bartolini used to be the only decent courier here in Umbria, – I could rely on them,  smart red vans, always clean and rarely dented or scraped, drivers smartly attired and cheerful, cute even, and deliveries all the way to the house at Bellaugello.

Not so now it seems, as you will see from their tracking records….

  • 116 06 0601170
    47099626 00002SJ01100173 
    17273  05/09/2012

03/09/2012 21:00 GORIZIA DEPARTED
03/09/2012 18:00 GORIZIA COLLECTED
BRT S.p.A. All rights reserved – Tax Code 04507990150 – Milan Trade Register Nr. 04507990150 – VAT Nr. IT04507990150

So dear readers to bring the post to a base level,  pray, do tell me, what is a ‘redelivery phase’ – in my ignorance it sounds like turkey baster return to sender crisis, and why I am an ‘incomplete consignee’ – whatever that is? last time I checked (ie just now) my tackle was all complete! I thought we at Bellaugello Gay Guest House were nearly famous!  Oh the joys of online shopping!

Well it is rather special

Just had to post again tonight as it is February 29th.  It is rather special, as it is not so very often that I get the  chance to post on 29th. of February.

And I find myself for once with little to say, except  the happy news that wollet our owl has returned to roost in one of the nesting boxes in the wall of the upper house.  That funny things are happening in the ether, and on the internet, however more of those at a future date when I have got to the bottom of the matter.

I had thought to witter on, be entertaining, to rabbit about trivia, even dribble nonsense, however instead I will keep this post very brief and instead post one of my favourite dreamy pictures of the Bellaugello Gay Guest House Estate taken not long after I first saw the place.  You can see why I found it so entrancing and why indeed it too is rather special

Hot hot hot!!!

Yesterday on a trip to the neighbouring region of Le Marche the car thermometer registered 22˚, today here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, Italy, the sun is shining, and it is real hot

I have finished the last batch of marmalade, cleaned the kitchen down and am heading outside to do some more tidying in the garden, me thinks with this summer weather all that is required is a pair of shorts