balmy summer evening

Today here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House it was yet again a scorcher.  I had to go to Gubbio this afternoon and the car read 45º.  In reality it has been about 36º, wisps of cloud floating in clear azure skies, a day for lazing, and once again summer dining.

At the moment every time I serve dinner I think surely this must be the last dinner of the season we can enjoy outside, surely it will be too chilly tonight to eat outdoors.  But once again we had dinner out on the terrace, yes the days are shortening, garden lights now come on at 7.30pm so we dine by candlelight, warmed by the great stone wall that holds the days heat, tonight even the breeze dropped allowing even those from southerly climes to wear only teeshirts or light tops.

The Guys from Brescia kindly invited us all to their terrace for an aperitivo and opened a bottle of the most delicious spumante from their home region which is definitely more-ish and will feature on the wine list here at Bellaugello in the not too distant future, such a pleasant start to the evening, for which many thanks guys!

We dined on Passatelli in Brodo a local pasta made from bread, lemon zest, eggs, nutmeg and generous helpings of parmesan which I served in a light broth.  This I followed with a breast of chicken stuffed with mozzarella and pesto wrapped in pancetta, and for pud, large juicy nectarines which I poached in lavender and orange and soft sweet sicilian wine, of course accompanied by delicious ice cream brought from the best gelateria in Gubbio by my good friend Luca, who, as often joined us at dinner.

Conversation as always flowed, tonight a mix of Italian and English and as ever many interesting stories and new things learnt. One of the guys had been to southern Tuscany to visit friends staying at the wonderful La Foce Estate an he regaled us with stories of the extensive gardens through which he had a private tour and which are often open to the public.  La Foce is about 1 1/2 hour drive from Bellaugello and makes a very pleasant day outing from here.  Various liqueurs were discussed, their merits and how they are made, including a very amusing comment/mis-pronunciation about nuts from Acer trees (only funny in Italian, but very suitable to the company dining in the Italian countryside). Having guests in the television business I decided the  time was right and managed to steer the conversation to the subject of compact cameras, I have decided it is time to buy a new one, I want to improve the quality of the photos on my blog and having researched the matter for some weeks (how sad?) I am so confused by the vast array of models on sale that I keep putting off the decision, however this evening I learnt of yet another website which does review comparisons, sounds just what I need, so I am off to check if my conclusions are verified, I do hope so.  We also learnt of a rental car site  that two of the guys used specialising in cheap car rental rates, where they are paying only €20.00 per day all inclusive for a cheeky wee Fiat 500 – chic!  I will post the website link soon, sounds like a real good find and ideal for other guests as they rented the car from nearby Perugia Airport

And with the hot weather forecast to continue for some time yet I suspect this was not the last dinner on the terrace this September