Just how many languages…..

Following a delicious sunny day we all sat for dinner together on the terrace here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House.  Being British I find languages difficult – that is they do not come naturally I have to work at them, although am told by my neighbours I speak good Italian, something which is really important to me, however the diversity of languages at dinner last night left me dizzy…

I so admire people who can hold conversations in three or more languages simultaneously, and last night the number of different languages that some guys spoke exceeded that…..

This is one of my favourite times at Bellaugello, getting to chat with the guys, sharing experiences, learn more about different cultures, and broaden my horizons and pass on information to others.  Last night the conversation like the weather was warm and good – even if I didn’t understand everything that was said in Dutch, Flemish, German and Swahili….