In the absence of ice

A busy difficult day today.  I have achieved alot, but it has been tough.  The building project is coming on well, we are now painting, and soon I will post pics of the finished work, I must say I am delighted, the progress is good and although I resent carving up my dining room the overall effect is pleasing and the facilities here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House are improved.

It was a stubborn kind of day, the sun refused to shine, and some people refused to listen, and the internet connection is spasmodic to say the least, it is all rather like being a correspondent in a war zone,  two minute window for communication and then hours without, all of which left me stressed and exhausted., so whilst cooking supper I decided to make myself a ‘wee cocktail’ or to be more precise a Gin and Tonic.

I may love Umbrian wine, a good Sagrantino from Montefalco or a fine white from the cantina of Lungarotti at Torgiano near Perugia, but spirits are something I rarely touch.

Gin – Gordon’s, found if a bit dusty, tonic – Schweppes an old bottle, but hey! it is still fizzy, Lemon – one of those large sensual prefumed untreated lemons from Amalfi, knife blunt, but hey, who cares it still cuts – just, and a good Edinburgh crystal tumbler.  Big splurge of gin, dash of tonic, but hey, no ice.  Well there is ice downstairs in the kitchen but here at home no….  I am tired, stressed and lazy, so..

improvise, and that is exactly what I did…..  and a delightful drink was born with five frozen strawberries in the gin Ottimo! Cin Cin!!