After pregnant nun dropping a baby now this….

One of the world’s largest multinationals seems to be having staffing problems at the moment here in Italy.
For some strange reason not reported here in italy but widely reported in the UK press and the BBC from where I learn of a nun in southern Umbria only discovering she was pregnant when out popped a baby, I now read of a young priest threatening to commit suicide “because my boyfriend has left me”
Click the link to read more:-
Gaiaspia blog – Giovane prete Mignacca il suicidio – ” il mio ragazzo mi ha lasciato”

And if the pictures are anything to go by he is just too cute! Maybe I can bring him to Bellaugello Gay Guest House and save him!!!

A Wish – well almost!

Today at Bellaugello Gay Guest House it was yet another glorious day.  An overnight frost soon lifted and the sun has shone brightly all day.

After a couple of days at the computer I took the opportunity to work outdoors and, although wrapped up warmly, felt the restorative heat of the sun.  Later this afternoon the dogs were nagging me for a walk.  Inevitably they win, so off we set on one of the delightful dirt roads that weave their way along the valley through beautiful Umbrian countryside.

Naturally neighbours and friends on their way home from work or shopping in nearby Gubbio passed in their cars, some stopped for a chat.  One was a local estate manager who was decrying the lack of rain.  Indeed, the spring here at Bellaugello Gay B&B has all but dried up, not normal for this time of year.  Looking back on photo records I see that this time last year the river Chiascio had burst its banks and the fields below in the valley were flooded.  Tito is right, it has been unusually dry this past 14 months we desperately need rain.  Odd to think coming as I do from Scotland that I could be wishing for rain, but the thought has crossed my mind.

In reality I much prefer the prospect of a month of snow, then the Sauna will be perfect!