Festival dei 2 Mondi Spoleto

A partire dal 18 Guigno Spoleto ospita il Festival dei Due Mondi

Se siete alla ricerca di alloggi, mentre gay friendly al festival, Bellaugello Gay Guest House è conveniente per Spoleto, e una base ideale da cui partire per visitare l’Umbria

Quest’anno il programma prevede Berliner Ensemble, Ballet Hamburg, Diego Mathuez, e John Malkovitch.

Attualmente vi è un’offerta speciale per i biglietti del Festival, clicca sul link sito: Festival Dei Due Mondi Spoleto

*************English Version************

The annual Spoleto Festival of Two Worlds commences this year on 18th. June.  If you are searching for a gay friendly lodging, Bellaugello Gay Guest House is convenient for both Spoleto and touring Umbria.

This year’s programme includes The Berlin Ensemble, Hamburg Ballet, Diego Mathuez and John Malkovitch.  At the moment there are special offer on tickets, follow the link above.

Festival Dei Due Mondi, Spoleto

This annual festival of music, prose and lyrics is now finished for 2009.  You will have to return at the end of June next year to be able to enjoy the wide array of performances.  Inaugurated in 1958 by Gian Carlo Menotti it attracts a huge international cast of performers and audience alike.

An offshoot of this is a group of a cappella choral singers organised by Umbrian Serenades who bring together enthusiasts from the United States for a tour of Umbria, that includes tours of some of the towns and concerts in spectacular venues.

Sunday evening sees them performing at 7pm in the top basilica in Assisi.  I think a concert in an unforgettable location not to be missed.