Sunshine, comfort, a swimming pool crystal clear and waiting….  Bellaugello is waiting peacefully for next week and the “Festa dei Ceri” the traditional “Race of the Candles” held in our local town of Gubbio every 15 May We are ready, are you?  There are still some suites available for next week, come join in the […]

Time for cheery facts:  Here at Bellaugello Gay Country House all is good. We are getting ready for the new season and will open for the  2015 season on Wednesday 1st. April. Why not come and join us for Easter?  There are still some vacancies in our luxury suites. The weekend starts on 3rd. April with the […]

Buongiorno! Good Morning! I wake to this view, and kind of like it..  Come share it with me… It is our infinity swimming pool and you are looking over the clouds low in the valley of the river Chiascio south towards the town of Assisi which is over the far side of the hill on […]

The sun continues to shine here in Umbria as it has done for the past month.  Despite the lack of rain the garden and surrounding countryside at Bellaugello Gay Guest House near Gubbio is looking lush and verdant.  We are lucky to have our own spring, which up till now is still pouring forth cool […]

This afternoon the rain continues to fall over Umbria.  At Gubbio the Festa dei Ceri contiues regardless, this evening following the race uphill there will still be dancing and partying in the streets. Here at Bellaugello Gay bed and breakfast it was time for the guys to light the fire in the Duca Suite and […]

It has done nothing but rain here in Umbria the past three weeks.  It is a real shame particularly today as it is the annual Festa Dei Ceri in Gubbio, and all the town are out in the centro storico celebrating their special annual festival. Here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House it has been impossible […]

Gubbio is already preparing for the upcoming annual Festa dei Ceri or Race of the Candles held on 15th. May.   Last Sunday the Ceri were brought down to the town from the church of San Ubaldo which sits atop the hill behind Gubbio, a procession that kicks off the weeks of celebration which culminate on […]

Again a beautiful day here at Bellaugello Gay B&B in Umbria. The sun shone and there was hardly a cloud in the sky.  I am busy trying to get lawn seeded – and working on my tan.  Yes I know it is late to be sowing grass seed, but the previous rain has delayed things, […]

The residents of Gubbio celebrate the Festa dei Ceri on 15th. of May every year. Indeed it could be said that the planning for next year’s festa starts on 16th. May, so important are the Ceri to the city. Following a lavish ceremony in the Piazza Grande in the historic centre of Gubbio three Ceri […]