Dinner in Colpalombo

The recent opening of a trattoria in our neighbouring village of Colpalombo was all the excuse needed for all of us from Bellaugello Gay Guest House to jump into our cars and drive in convoy along the dirt roads, cross the river and head up into the picturesque village

It was an immensely enjoyable evening, great company and a chance for all to dine on local foods in what turned out to be our own private restaurant.

Just one small problem….. the portions were huge! 

but it was exceptionally good…..

Chic designer dining

One of the biggest joys of running a guest house is the great guys I meet from all walks of life and from so many different countries.  There is always the chance to learn of other cultures, attitudes toward gay culture and freedoms or in some case intolerances.  At dinner conversation flows freely, friend are made and contacts kept.

A recent guest at Bellaugello Gay Guest House owns a high end furnishing and accessory store in a major capital city, and it was he that dressed the table on the terrace for one of our dinners.  With the backdrop of the amazing ever-changing Umbrian countryside, warm breeze wafting cooking smells and the scent of lavender heavy with nectar collecting insects

Fruit and flowers from the garden, the dried roses wilted on the plant as we still have no rain, an abundance of small sour plums and sprigs of lavender, real chic, real designer.

Fruity times!

In the end the lemon dinner here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Italy, last Saturday evening also featured other fruit; a creative artist decided to extend the fruit theme with designer fruit place cards, using green apples bought that morning from the farmers’ market in Gubbio.  They looked so chic,  (if somewhat messy in the preparation) with the chocolate writing, and we had such fun deciding the seating plan.

Definitely to be repeated!!

Looking ahead….. 2010 Prices/Prezzi 2010

We are making great progress with our works here at Bellaugello and are well on target to have the next three suites and the dining room finished for the end of March 2010, well in time for Easter, which will complete all the works at the main house.

The quotation for the infinity pool is being studied.  It looks fantastic, we are so excited! The pool which will be to the east side of the main house will be 15 metres by 5 metres, with the south side an infinity waterfall.  The pool will be treated by salt,  and will be open as soon as the weather is warm enough in late spring for the summer of 2010.  A large terrace is planned around two sides of the pool to makethe most of the stunning southerly views.  The pool will be clothing optional.

We have revised our tariff which is being published online in the updated website.  Briefly, we have identified three periods and the tariffs are:

1 October 2009 – 30 March 2010 €45.00  Stays of seven nights or more; €40.00

1 April 2010 –       31 May 2010               €55.00  Stays of seven nights or more; €50.00

1 June 2010 –       30 September 2010  €70.00  Stays of seven nights or more; €65.00

Prices are per person per night for accommodation and breakfast.  The Mirror and Diva suites can acommodate up to four guests, discounts apply when four people are sharing Mirror or Diva Suite.  We reserve the right to charge a supplement for single occupancy of a suite. For Christmas and New Year breaks please ask!

Four course dinners will be served on Friday, Sunday and Tuesday evenings priced at €25.00 with guests sitting at one large table.  We will alternate diners with pizza and barbecue evenings.

The Yurts are scheduled for summer of 2010 opening 4th. June and will be charged at €80.00 per Yurt per night with a minimum two night stay.  Yurts sleep two.

More social whorl

Out at dinner – what again I hear you say! Yes again.

This time at Marco’s house at the head of the valley.  It actually rained for a while this afternoon and for a bit looked as if dinner would be cancelled, but fortunately not.

We feasted on fresh picked corn on the cob roasted over the glowing embers of the barbecue, accompanied by a wonderful mature Pecorino brought by Valeria recently returned from a holiday at her house in Sardinia, a fine Sagrantino di Montefalco, prosciutto di Norcia, and of course Bruschetta with tomatoes from Marco’s orto.

Simple wholesome food, fine wines and great company that is Umbria…..

Happy Birthday Ben!

Yesterday was yet another scortcher.  The guys arrived at six am to start work, finishing by lunchtime as it is just too hot for them to work outside in the afternoons.

Folowing our big clean up of the back drive the fence was erected and draped with dark green nylon windbreak which makes a very effective screening from the road, thus enabling us guys to strip off and soak up the rays in the way nature intended…

An invitation to Pratale is one not to be lightly declined.  Eighteen of us sat down in the courtyard under the ancient mulberry tree to celebrate Ben’s Birthday.

Dinner was as always excellent, with much of the  food being harvested just that afternoon, followed by a team made Birthday Tiramisu Cake, all washed down with good honest local wine.

Guests had arrived from as far afield as Paris, Sheffield , Canada and Zurich, and we talked happily until the wee smaa ‘ours

Happy Birthday Ben!!

Spaghetti Messicana at PrataleBen's Birthday

Curry evening

Friends and neighbours joined me last friday for a curry evening.  We sat out until late in the balmy evening  sharing authentic Indian food, (ok spices brought over from the UK) and travel reminiscences, not to say a wee keg of lager….  well what else do you serve with curry??

curry evening

And yes there are two girls soon to become mothers, and two recent new mums,  fantastic news for the valley, there is even talk of re-opening the valley school.

Paul and Isabel brought us the last of their delicious organic raspberries which were washed down with copious quantities of limoncello at which point  we received a Skype call from Jack in Glasgow and caught up on his news over the video connection, and he was able to chat with his friends here.