Almost at the year’s end

I have had so many wonderful greetings from you guys, many guests choose to send photos of your holidays here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House and write me personally for the festive season, I am so very lucky.  I plan to find time to sit down and put the photos in order and publish some of them on the blog.  In the meantime here is something more pastoral, no Bellaugello backs, or fronts… instead a photo I took the other day of the vaulted ceiling of one of the smaller and more obscure churches in our local town of Gubbio, the city of Christmas…


Chiesa gubbio #bellaugello


Fireworks over the world's largest christmas tree, gubbio, italy

I am putting the final details to our annual Hogmanay Houseparty here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House which this year will start on 28th. December and offer a choice of three or seven nights stay including our Scottish/Italian Cenone and ever popular New Year’s day Brunch.

Before I publish the package on Sunday if you are interested together with a group of friends in renting the entire house, – delighted to do that, it would be great fun! or have any particular event or theme that you wish to be included in the package private message me on:

Oggi sto mettendo gli ultimi dettagli per la nostra Hogmanay Houseparty per Capodanno qui a Bellaugello Gay Guest House che quest’anno inizie il 28. Dicembre e offre una scelta di tre o sette notti compresa la nostra Cenone scozzese / italiano e sempre popolare Brunch il primo di gennaio.

Prima di pubblicare il pacchetto questa Domenica, se siete interessati insieme ad un gruppo di amici ad affittare tutta la casa, felice di farlo, sarebbe molto divertente! o se avete un evento o tema particolare che si desidera includere nel pacchetto mandarmi un messaggio privato  su:

l’Ultimo del’Anno 2012

For what is probably my last post of 2012 a few photos to let you share the views at Bellaugello Gay Guest House which is bathed in glorious sunshine at the end of December 2012Reflections on the infinity pool at Bellaugello Gay Bed and Breakfast, Umbria, Italy DSCN3373 xmas tree DSCN3375 DSCN3383

It really is a fabulous place to be!  Happy New Year to ALL, hope to see you here in 2013