Take 2kg flour collect 20 eggs mix well and knead ’till your arms ache, leave to rest… Finely grind 2.5kg mixed meats, veal, turkey, beef, add seasoning, some mortadella, parmesan and the all important secret ingredient. In company with 5 women and 2 guys and one of the next generation sit round a table. Pinch […]

Crisp, sunny, clear. Early rise today, guys going to the beautiful Umbrian town of Todi to meet their tour guide meant I was up early to make breakfasts. Today the tour is of the vineyards of Montefalco, that beautiful town famous for its Sagrantino, robust elegant Umbrian wine. The guys are meeting their guide in […]

An industrious day here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House saw me delighting in the warm sun all day in the garden pruning the lavender. This is one of my huge October tasks, seemingly endless rows of still headily scented aromatic lavender all requiring to be pruned back I cannot complain, the lavender grows well here […]

Sometimes one just feels tuned in. I never know if it is a sixth sense or something spookier, but just sometimes in large vagueness that my brain is steadily becoming, thoughts come to the fore, fuzz around, and crazily enough so often shortly after the thing that flew through my thought processes comes about. Logically, […]

As my late mother would have said, tonight “I have looked upon the wine when it was young”, and indeed in this instance she would have been right, I have, and with good reason. I post this on my blog with a couple of glasses of Prosecco and a couple of Nerio under my belt…. […]

Whilst searching for photos for my last post I came across these taken when we took a motor-launch or ‘motoscafo’ out on lake Trasimeno. It was an excellent fun day starting at Passignano where we picked up the launch.  Two or three hours in glorious sunshine interspersed with fleecy clouds saw us make a circuit […]