Not only was I barbecuing but I have been cooking up something new and exciting, news to be waited for and well worth the wait… Until then enjoy the thoughts of the guys at Bellaugello Gay Guest House enjoying succulent meat in the perfumed gardens of Bellaugello surrounded by a myriad of fireflies….. Ethereal…

The weather has been perfect, sunshine, hot sunshine, Bellaugello looking fabulous, the garden fragrant, bountiful lavender just about to burst into bloom, zucchini in the orto garily showing bright delicate flowers, as the bard said we have “bound up yon dangling apricots” and the roses are abundant and generously flowering. Hazy mist hangs lightly in […]

The sight of a ‘bistecca alla fiorentina’ just waiting to be bought in the local butcher in Gubbio was the only thing needed for the guests at Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse to fire up the barbecue and have a party here on the terrace along with a selection of salads, potatoes slow cooked with succulent yellow […]

Out at dinner – what again I hear you say! Yes again. This time at Marco’s house at the head of the valley.  It actually rained for a while this afternoon and for a bit looked as if dinner would be cancelled, but fortunately not. We feasted on fresh picked corn on the cob roasted […]