BBC iPlayer

Why oh why do the BBC keep changing the format of their iPlayer?

Just as I get acclimatised to their new look site they go and change it.  I like to keep in touch with the news in the UK and Scotland in particular, and also to hear of Berlusconi’s absurd Bunga Bunga parties from a media source other than those controlled by him – here in Italy we do not get to hear of his horrifying antics

I am a long term listener to BBC radios 3 and 4, and have recently discovered the delights of Radio 7 and their books and plays, so delightfully read, and all just a click away, but no….

They have once again changed the format of the iPlayer and what used to be a few clicks away is now several.  I do hope there is a good technical reason for this change, for to my eye every new site refurb is less visually pleasing.

And just how much is this refurb all costing?  Call me a humbug, I know it usually takes me a wee bit of time to acclimatise to a new refurb car model, then a few months later wondering how I ever like the old style, but at 06.30 in the morning when I fumble to listen to the news, a change in the iPlayer is too much…

William and Kate

I thought having been away and now being back home at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria Italy my future posts would all be about life here in glorious Valdichiascio near Gubbio, however I just have to share what I consider great news with you…

Prince William to marry Kate Middleton  BBC report: BBC News – Prince William and Kate Middleton

Sky tv… What are they all about?

Turned on the television this evening as is my habit at this time of the day to read the message:

“Gentile Cliente, la informiamo che da lunedi 1 marzo il canale BBC ENTERTAINMENT non e piu disponibile sulla piattaforma SKY”

No more BBC programmes.  Maybe many were repeats but they were undoubtedly the best programmes and about all I found worth watching on Sky.

Two conclusions: 1. Sky want us all to cancel our subscriptions. 2. Sky has an ulterior motive and business agenda in  continuing our progress to brain dead couch potatoes brought on by the rest of the shoddy inane programmes they broadcast.

I’m opting for the former and am off to look for a Big satelite dish and new decoder.  I need to know who killed Archie – we were 3 weeks behind here!