Final quotations are being collated and checked for our infinity swimming pool, the Commune is processing the documentation.  We will be working hard on the build through this coming winter to have the pool completed for early next spring.

After much work and pleading we have received the go ahead to treat the pool water with a salt system, thus erradicating the need for chlorine which will be produced naturally and make for a much nicer swim.

Work will be contained to the east side of the house by means of a specially built access point, and so not impinge on the house proper.

Of course I do not have a photograph of the pool at Bellaugello to post, but instead I am posting one of a similar 15 x 5 metre infinity pool.  This is what we are aiming to achieve at Bellaugello – only better!

Example of the kind of pool that will be at Bellaugello

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